The Daily Grind

                                    The Daily Grind, this is something we all do every day of our lives, Some may do it in different ways, or times of day, but it is what we as Humans do, every waking moment. When you look back in time, the Daily Grind was much different, our fore-fathers worked their fingers to the bone daily, just to keep a roof over their families heads, most farmer’s worked 24/7, just to keep their families clothed and fed. Our fore-father’s didn’t look for a pat on the back, they also didn’t embelish the fact that they are the only ones struggling, they did it for their families and the fact that they had to, they didn’t have all the resources we have today, sometimes when their car broke down, they walked to work, no matter how far it was, then came home and spent hours trying to fix it, with whatever they had. They never thought of it as life is to hard, they thought of it in a way that, this is what is needed to do, in order for their children to grow up and be better then them, the blood, sweat and tears mentality is what gave America the respect over the years throughout the world. Our fore-father’s were strong Individuals, that thrived on hard work and a no quit attitude, they never complained, never showed weakness and always moved forward, no matter what the circumstance. Our fore-father’s are what built this country as a strong and free country, it took very hard work on their part, as we today are living off of that hard work. With all the changes of Technology in our Society today, we have become weak and lazy, we complain about everything, we wake to face the Daily Grind and take to social media saying “WTF I don’t want to get up”, or ” my life sucks”? Well I got news for you, your not alone. There are many more that feel that way throughout the entire planet, it’s how you wake up and face the Grind, that determines your destiny. Then you have the ones that bring their problems to Society, like they are the only ones that suffer this way, they complain and chat with everything being an “I”, News-flash !!! Life isn’t about the “I”, we are in this fight of life as a “team”, we all go through life with problems and we may not like certain things, but we adapt and change, in order to get through life, the best and painless way we know how, that is how we get through the Daily Grind. “life is what you make it”. If you make it hard by being lazy and not willing to work hard, then life will be hard, if you are willing to work hard everyday, no matter what is thrown in front of you, learn to adapt and change to your surroundings and keep moving forward, then life won’t be as hard, but you still have to put the work in, to create those chances. We all go through the Daily Grind, we all have our moments, but it is what we do with those moments, that shows our strength and determines our destiny.  

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