The Corporate world we are in

                             Our Society today has turned a corner right in front of us, we are now in the world of Corporate. Don’t get me wrong, there are some good Corporations out there, but there are also alot of Corporations, that do nothing but steal the Dignity right out of the heart of America. Corporations want to control everything in our lives and have all the power to do what they want, when they want. They send their Lobbiests to our Government in order for them to pass the bills for them to be successful, they either bribe or contribute to any of our elected officials capmpaigns, so they in turn get what they want, they spend millions to do this, so they can control everything and everyone. In this Economy where it is clearly an Employer’s market, they tweak their hiring process, as to only hire part timers, or those at a lesser wage. Some even advertise a job listing, even though they aren’t hiring, so they can see what they get for responses, then the ones that are hiring, put the resumes through a computer, that is programmed to read only certain “keywords”, if you don’t know the “keywords” then your out of luck, as your resume gets tossed in the trash. Even when you follow up with them several times, they give you the same answer each time, “we are still searching, we will get back to you”. They want the Job Seeker to bend over backwards for them, in order to get hired, but they quite simply can’t even follow the same rules, it’s common decency and respect, that says a simple Yes or No, goes along way and is part of Human Dignity. The Power and the Control of these Corporations, start and end with the CEO’s and the Board of Director’s. All they want is rip the heart out of America, for their own personal gain. While they live the plush life, the rest of America struggles to survive. It’s time we stand up to these Corporate companies, by not buying their products, hit them where it counts right in the wallet, then see the shift of power, go right back to where it belongs, to America. In this Society we talk of the “middle class”, there is no more “middle class”, it’s either the Corporate class or the lower class. This goes against everything in which America was built, America was built on, ” we the people, for the people, by the people”, It’s time we get back to this, so America can prosper and be strong once again.

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