The View from the Mountain top

     At the top of the Mountain the view seems so end less,

     to see the sunset at the top takes your breathe away,

     God created these mountains so we can enjoy and play,

      the view is so spectacular it gives us a feeling of warmth,

     the mountain top also helps us relax as we go forth,

     The mountains gives us a chance to reflect as it costs us less.



As you start your journey up any mountain of your pick,

the journey seems so long and hard you forget the beauty,

along the trail you are reminded of it’s beauty and trek further,

the different plant life and critters along the way are so spectacular,

coming up to tree-line you realize how precious life really is with puriety,

you know the top is close as you walk along the rocks that are slick.



When you make that last push to the top for the spectacular view,

you realize that with a little work the journey is well worth it,

you then reflect that life is very much the same and don;t have to be a pit,

as you reach the top you then get overwhelmed with a feeling of renew.

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