Taken advantage of what we already have in our lives

                                  As we grow up on this Planet and as our Families show their Love of one another, we then except the Lord God into our lives, by being confirmed, or whatever your religion beliefs call it? Now as we grow into this world, we are surrounded by love of our families and the love of God everyday, God guides us so we all can find our way, the real power of this love, is more then just a word, it is a feeling, a feeling we all have deep inside of us, called our “HIGHER POWER”. The true power of this word, comes from our actions, it does nothing to throw it around from our mouths, without our actions to back it up. While we are growing up, we come to expect our families love, so much so that we get to complacent as we get older and want to branch out on our own, we tend to ignore who gives us that true feeling of love, so we can in turn branch out and let the word love try to give us the same feeling. As we enter into adulthood, we have this empty or guilty feeling, but we ignore this, cause the word love is there for now, now as we grow further into adulthood, this guilty or emptiness becomes larger, so we start to figure out why? We have become so complacent in our lives, we never paid attention to our “higher power” deep inside us, which keeps us close to the Lord God himself. When we struggle in our lives, it’s this higher power inside us, that gives us the feeling of love, from our God, in order to over come anything in our way, on our journey of life. We as Humans have always taken advantage of things in our lives, it’s Human Nature, but when we do we leave out the most important thing in all our lives, that is the Lord God and the true feeling of Love. When all of us on this Planet, keep that emptiness full with the Lord God and the true  feeling of Love, then and only then, will all the hatred disappear and Peace will become all of us.

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