Our time as Children, as we grow up

                                  When we are born, we are so small and fragile, our Parent’s help by molding us into somebody special. This is our time to be free, to develop into somebody that can achieve great things, we go to school to learn and discover who we really are, we get involved in after school activities, in order to break up the pressure of school and relax. We also have chores at home, that teaches us responsibility and hard work is what makes us and Society grow. Growing up as a child, is supposed to be the best time of our lives, then we move into our own place we work to survive and bring up our own families. It’s what we learn as a child, that we take into adulthood, in order to be successful and prosper, when you just skate through and only want to have fun, or just want to be lazy, then life will be very hard, but if you learned as a child correctly and you had a good balence between work and fun, the transition is easy, a good work ethnic in Society goes along way, in determining your future, as well as being responsible. When you move into your first apartment and live by yourself, at first this is great, come and go as you please, go to bed whenever, watch whatever TV programs you want? The freedom is great, then you marry and have kids, now you feel trapped? Wrong, Having Children for you is now like your Parents, it’s time for you to raise them as your Parents raised you, yes you can feel frustrated at times, as you can’t come and go like you used to, but the Children make you the richest person on the planet, now it’s time to teach what you have learned, so they to can grow up as you did and prosper. Some of us when we have children, forget the responsibility part and want to continue having fun themselves, this is what makes our Society handicapped, and disfunctional. We had our time to learn and have fun, now we have to be responsible and do the teaching, then once our children grow and become their own person as an adult, then we become rewarded in our golden age, to live as we want once again. Life is like a Cycle, you start out small and fragile, to learn and have fun, then you work hard, for your own family, to teach and be responsible, then you watch the fruits of your teachings grow and prosper, as you live life and be free once again. You get out of life what you put into it, if you decide to be lazy and just skate through, life will be very difficult for you, if you have a good work ethnic and work real hard at everything you do, then life will reward you with prosparity and success, just stay true to yourself, be responsible, learn as well as teach and the fun part of life will be there for the taking.

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