Having closeur in a loved ones death

                             Having Closeur when a Loved one dies, is a very important part of our own lives. It is a way for us to say good-bye, which makes us stronger as we move forward with our own lives. During those precious last moments, it is an oppurntunity for all the family members, to once again get together, rekindle that foundation of the family bond, that the loved one has built for us, showing that person we will be okay, you have done your job well. It also brings together family members, that through the years, whether their careers or what ever the reason, they have become disconnected from the family. As an Individual, it is our famiy bond that is the one thing, that serves the test of time and can never be broken. This Bond is what makes our foundation so strong, that nothing will ever penetrate it. When you have a strong Bond of Family, that has created a strong foundation, this is what we bring into Society to help build a strong Society, that flourishes and prospers even during the worst of times. Family is the true and real foundation of our Society. When you don’t have closeur, you have an empty feeling deep inside of you, cause you never had that chance to say good-bye, when you truely love that person and you don’t say good-bye, that emptiness will be filled over time, as you fill it with thoughts and prayers to that person everyday. When I lived in Colorado back in the 90’s, my Papere had passed, I didn’t have the money to fly home, so instead I went to the Florist and sent a big arrangement to the Funeral Home. Not having that closeur and chance to say good-bye, to me it was surreal that he was still alive, when I did come back home, I went to visit my Mamere for the first time since his passing and when I walked into the house I expected him to be sitting in his favorite chair? This is when it hit home for me, needless to say I teared up, my Mamere knew without saying a word why? She then hugged and consoled me. This is why Closeur of a loved one, is a very important part of our lives, when you say good-bye and start the grieving process, this shows the loved one, that you are strong and that their mission is complete, instead of delaying the process and feeling empty. This whole process of Closeur, may help us all as an Individual, but in the long run, it is a part of life, in which helps all in our Society to grow and be strong, no matter what life throws at us.

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