Our Society of Embelishment

                             We live today in a Society of Embelishment, within this word is filled with drama and political corection, we use it to gain an advantage over our fellow man. Our sports athletes also use this to gain the edge over their opponent, instead of playing the game right, some teams like to embelish, in order to gain momentum on their side, instead of a little hard work to earn that momentum, it is a form of cheating, like writing the answers on your hand, for the test your about to take, There are alot of people in our Society or in our favorite sports, that embelish quite often and it is wrong. What it does is makes us lazy, by taking the easy way out of a situation, it also takes the respect, and dignity out of our lives, sports and our Society. When you win a championship in any sport, with good hard work ethnic, there is no better feeling in the world, as far as accomplishment, when you work very hard and get rewarded with a championship. The same goes for life, when you work hard, doing it the right way, there is no better feeling, when the end result is being successful. Life is no picnic, there are many ups and downs, but if done the right way, there will be more ups then downs, the problem is when others try to take the shortcut and cheat to get ahead, in the end we all get hurt by your actions, as those of us that try to do it right, have to work harder to avoid others bad vibes. “Life is what you make it”, When you do it right, there is no better feeling of accomplishment, when you get rewarded for all your hard work. When you go through life, or play a sport and cheat or embelish your way, it will never satisfy you, cause you didn’t earn it. To have the respect and dignity in life, as well as a sport in which you play, you have to do it the right way, work very hard and the feeling you recieve will be the best feeling, you will ever recieve in your Lifetime.

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