Great Leader’s Lead

                             All throughout the History of the United States, we have had some Great Leader’s, whether they were in the limelight, or just being a simple Human Being of our Society. The fact is, we have no great Leaders in our Society today, nobody to look up to for all the right reasons, of modeling ourselves, to become a great Leader ourself. A Great Leader does not look for that proverbial “pat on the back”, he/she does what they do, cause they want to do it. They also do not start out as a Leader, they just simply do their jobs to the best of their ability, as they do their jobs they also look for ways of improvment, even if what they do is working. A Great leader will never mess up another ones “shoe shine”, in order to make themselves look good, if you research some of our Great Leaders, you will find they had no Enemies, or people who took opposition of what they did. Great Leaders are quiet in nature, as they do not even acknowledge the fact that they have become a Leader and they just keep going as they are just a simple person. Great Leaders have never taken to a public forum, in order to call out others, to make their agenda sound like the only agenda. A Great Leader also will never point the finger, as he/she would accept responsibility for their actions, or actions of others, then look for ways to fix what’s wrong, then implement into action without looking for any praise. In todays Society of Technology, this has changed how we try to lead, Great Leaders will find a way around this and keep doing what they do quietly, our so called Leaders today, think they are Leading, but what they are really doing is, creating a Society of, negativity and false hope. You want to be known as a Great Leader and cement your Legacy, then do so behind the scenes, with action. If this action brings America back to the Promise Land, people will find out about you, even without getting that proverbial “pat on the back”. In today’s Society, we have to many that think they are great leaders, cause of the position that they are in. A position does not make you a Leader, it’s what’s inside of each of us, that determines whether or not we have what it takes to be a real Great Leader. As I leave you with a quote from a Great Leader of my childhood, my Dad said “a leader never messes up another one’s shoe shine”, I never really thought of this til now, it makes sense and so true, as a #1 quality of being a Great Leader.

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