The Walls of our Forcefield

                            As we are born into this World, we come in a way of fragile, tiny and delicate. We were concieved by a Husband and a Wife, that showed their Love to one another, of which we are a product of that Love, for them to share, to hold, to love, to teach and to raise into our Society. As we grow with our Mother’s and Father’s and as they teach us, for life itself, we go through a wide array of tests, obstacles and hurdles, some more involved then other’s and to some, it sometimes takes a lifetime to correct, some may sail through the Journey without a worry, there are yet a lot that have to heal alot of bruises, throughout their Journey. As we grow and as our Journey commences, we tend to build walls, that act as a Forcefield, to help protect us on our Journey, when these walls are activated, we become isolated and do not allow anything or anybody to penetrate. When we are older and become productive members of our Society, our walls we built earlier in our lives, can very much get in the way, as it not only stops people from helping us, it also stops us from helping other’s. Growing up we depended on those walls for protection so much, that we become weak in dealing with other’s of our Society. The whole part of being born, so tiny and fragile, is so with our Parent’s love, we become strong and big, with love flowing out of our hearts, in order to help ourselves and all those around us, that we share this great planet with. God created this Earth, for all living things to live in, harmony, peace and love, so we can all live everyday with a smile and a simple hello to our fellow man.

The walls we build around us, to protect us in our vulnerable days, are great for that moment, but we need to tear them down later, so we can truely be free and strong, in order to enjoy the fruits of God’s labor, by living as he truely wanted us to.

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