Leader’s in our Society

                           When you look back to when the United States of America was first discovered til now, we have some great leaders that helped shape this Country into what it is today, that is the best and strongest nation on this planet. What is sad is, right now within our Governments, whether State or Federal, we have no leader’s, instead what we have is, alot of finger pointing and people not willing to take responsibility, so we in this country can turn the corner and fight to make this country great again. We have a Government that can’t even come together, in order to pass a budget, it’s been too long without a budget, which helps this country pay it’s bills. Instead you have people more concerned with themsilves, so they look good in order to get re-elected, so they can keep getting paid by us the taxpayer, to which they keep screwing us, for themselves to get ahead. We have a President that is not even close to being a leader, but he is good at speaking words, that he thinks we want to hear, this same guy wants to destroy everything in which our Constitution stands for, for personal gain only. Our entire Government right now, are doing nothing but, tweek the numbers, to make our situation in this country sound less dramatic, This country needs to be turned around in a hurry, before it is too late, in order to do this we need “LEADERS”, right now we have none, the time is now, to step up to the plate and be the leader, in which this country was based on and what made this country the best and strongest nation on this planet.

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