Customer Service Enviroment

                            We live and breathe Customer Service in every part of our lives this day and age, no matter what proffession you are in, or even what establishment you visit, we either give the customer service, or we recieve the customer service, with all this give and take, you would think we would learn how to apply it with perfection? The art of Customer Service can either make you, or break you, When dealing with people from all walks of life, on a daily basis, you need to be on top of your game at all times, with no distractions to get in the way. There are way to many establishments you walk into and instead of you being greeted with a smile and a hello, you get an attitude and anger. Instead of recieving positive chat, you get the negative chat, with people bringing in all their life distractions to their Job site. The Company is the biggest problem for this, by not properly training their employee’s and emphasizeing that when you get here, your daily problems (as we all have them) get checked at the door, on company time is just that, “company time”. Good Customer Service affects us all, as it can either make us, or break us. When you give bad customer service, you are not only affecting yourself and your company, you are also affecting the person recieving it and all of us in Society, as this breeds negative chatter, throughout each community, then eventually throughout all of Society. As you can see, we are a Society of negativity right now, which also shows a lack of common sense, common decensy and the biggest thing is, lack of respect toward one another. Dealing with People is the hardest thing any of us, will ever do in our lifetime, but if we do it right, you will see a Society of happiness and positivity, instead of a Society of negativity and disrespect.

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