Love of ourselves and others this Easter

 As we sit with our families this Easter we bring out our love,

this same love we can bring to society and share,

the Easter Bunny is full of love as he bounces with flare,

Jesus came to us died and has risen again to show us his love,

all we have to do is believe in him and happiness will be quiet as a dove.

The True meaning of Easter

 Easter is the true feeling of love of one another,

Easter is not about a Bunny delivering baskets of candy,

Easter is of sacrifising of oneself for love of one another,

Easter’s meaning is one of sharing and uniting togetherness,

Easter’s love is a feeling that words can’t speak,

The sacrifice of our Easter was one of moving us further.



We celebrate Easter with our families to show our love of each other,

this love we have at Easter we need to bring to society everyday,

Love is a feeling we all have which words cannot say or speak,

Easter should remind us of this feeling as we carry out our days,

Love is very powerful like reaching the mountain top and sit on the peak,

Easter is all about showing true feelings and emotions by one for all,

Easter’s true feeling of love is one that should never be smothered.

Equality within our Society

                            As a Society grows and changes, each Individual within that Society has to grow and change with it. When you look at all Societies within America, starting when America was born, each generation of these Societies had alot of hardship and struggles, but as each Society grew and changed, all the Individuals within those Societies grew and changed with it, it isn’t easy, there is alot of pain and suffering that goes with it, but in the end, when each Individual does it right, the reward is very rewarding, as Society becomes full of happiness and strong with prosperity.

                              The Society we live today is an “all about me” Society. This is a Society that breeds alot of pain and suffering, to all Individuals within it, we have become a Society that depends on Government for guidence, this is a Society that perception of other’s around us clouds our judgment of each other, this is a Society that pushes our views and our ways on one another, we think that what I am or what I do, should be the law of the land, we are a Society in need of desperate change of each Individual within it.

                              Equality is being Human, we are all very equal in many ways, it’s us as Individuals that percieve the equality very differently, there is no right and wrong in percieving things, it’s when we percieve things that affect others around us, as our Society changes and grows through time, we as Individuals need to grow and change with it, that means stop this “all about me” Society, work together with other’s around us, stop the perception of me against the world and start percieving how to work with the world, in order to make the change better, so all Individuals can persevere and grow stronger, which will make this Society strong once again.

                              Change is no picnic, real change can come with some pain and suffering, real change can be the most exciting as well, we as Individuals have to really want the change, in order for it to work and for us to move forward to a better future. Change takes alot of work, for all Individuals who seek it, some may not cause they simply are lazy and don’t want to put in the effort, but the rewards of the work, makes us all feel better about ourselves, which we bring to Society and shows that yes with a little hard work, we in this Society can be truely succesful, live in happiness, be truely confident to show our true feelings and emotions without being percieved as being weak, then as we come out of an “all about me” Society, we can be a true team once again, to strive as the best Society, America has ever seen.

Your thoughts and your Actions

                            We in this Society have become “all about me”, we tend to react or take action, without thinking through completly the reaction of what we have done. We care nothing of how it affects other’s and care only of how it affects ourselves. With these actions we have totally lost all responsibility, trust and respect of one another. We show no common courtesy, as well as common sense of another. When you look at how Humans have evolved over time, yes we have become smarter, but we don’t show it by way of our actions toward one another, back in the day of our forefathers, they to had problems, but they dealt with them openly instead of surpressing them and bringing harm to one another, they showed love and respect of another and knew when they joined together, they could conquer anything. In today’s Society, we react without thinking, by deflecting our own problems and surpressing them, then poke fun at other’s, as to make themselves look like they are perfect. There is no perfect in anybody, even God made some mistakes, the difference between him and us now, is the simple fact of, we today don’t take responsibility for our actions. We don’t think ahead before we react. We think of ourselves first and not of other’s around us. We inflict harm on other’s, to hide our weakness.

                            God created this planet and us to live here, in peace and harmony. He did not create for us to be self centered and everything revolves around us, this was not his vision. We Humans in this Society are doing everything in which God didn’t want to happen, This Planet is truely a great creation and should be enjoyed everyday of our lives, instead of attacking each other, for our own gain. When a Society is to be truely great, we have to work together, just like a sports team does when they win a championship, it takes all envolved to be truely successful, “it’s not about me, it’s about we”.

                              Until we all think of our actions before we do, we will always have a Society full of harm. Whether that harm comes to ourselves, or whether it comes to those around us. We as Humans need to show more true feelings and emotions, stop hiding in plain sight, show more compassion for those around us, take more responsibility of our actions, think through the action before we take the action, Then and only then will we become a great Society, like those of Societies past.

As we walk along the beach

We find serenity as we walk along the beach,

the warm sand wrapping around our toes as we walk,

we look out to the horizon and have a sudden warmth over us,

we listen to the waves slap the shore line as it eases our soul,

the beach is of beauty as we walk with no fuss, 

for a moment our life’s problems disappear without a balk, 

we walk the beach and find a good comfort,

a comfort that puts us in good space and not in a fort, 

even though for a short time we feel relaxed,

we walk the beach and think life is just a peach.



The beach can unleash a mean fury during a storm,

the waves so big as they slam the sand,

the beauty has become a horror with a shake of the hand, 

then in a whim it stops and the sun comes out,

the beach we see is like life with happiness and some pout, 

it has it’s rough times every now and then,

then it smooths out to calm us within our den, 

as we walk the beach and live our lives,

to keep our serenity let’s stay within our form. .

As we walk this Earth in which we live

                             We are all born into this World, we all walk this planet on our own journies in our lives, some of us walk aimlessly without rhyme or reason, other’s walk it with passion and purpose, some may find that passion and reason for their exsistence, other’s will never find that as they walk just to exsist. Life to some is very easy, yet to other’s it is very hard, Life is truely what you make it, if you work hard at it, it will reward you greatly, if you just exsist and lazy about your life, it will show you that it can be very hard on you.

                            We all encounter some kind of event/events on our Journey of life, it is how we deal with these events, that help determine our lives we live, when we let these events control us, this is when life becomes very hard, when we control these events this is what makes our lives easier and our Journey in life more enjoyable.

                              This Planet in which we live, is full of hurdles and obstacles, pain and glory, it is how we handle these hurdles that determines our destiny. When we show our true feelings and emotions of ourselves, is when we can truely love and be loved of others around us. The one true love that is always there, no matter what our actions are, is the love of God himself, as he shows us constantly with his forgiveness, he challenges us daily, to see how we handle these challenges, when we fail he is always there to love and forgive us, when we are successful he then makes our lives a little easier, then gives us another challenge to complete, each one of these challenges, helps us grow and becomes stronger to live our lives better and our journies more enjoyable.

                               As we walk this planet called Earth, let us not be here to just exsist, let us be here to be happy, with ourselves and others we meet along our journey. When there is a planet of happiness, we will find that there is no room for hatred, as the hated disappears, happiness takes over, which makes all of our journies more enjoyable, All we have to do is, trust in God, trust in ourselves, everything else will come in time. The showing of our true feelings and emotions, not the hiding in plain sight, will help us overcome every challenge in which crosses our path, along our journey, as we walk this Earth in which we live, together.


Watching our favorite Sports Teams with emotion and passion

                             We like to watch our favorite teams in sports, cause it is a way for us to get out our feelings and emotions in a safe enviroment. This is all good, but it keeps us suppressing our true feelings and emotions, on topics that are more important and what keeps us strong in life, as we live our daily lives. As we grow from a young age, we encounter many events that shape us to who we are. Some of these events are minor, but some are major and they can control us if we let them.

                             When these events happen, we tend to suppress our true feelings and emotions, in order to protect ourselves, we also build these imaginary walls and lose sight of trust, as we don’t let anything or anyone in. This is all part of Human Nature, this is how we try to protect ourselves, we don’t think of the ramifications down the road, we just think of the now and being safe in our comfort zone, to keep other’s away, to minimize the pain.

                            We as Human Being’s are a very complex creature, as our minds act differently from person to person, even though you are born into a family, with brother’s/sister’s/a mother and a father, you all have the same gene’s, but yet you are very different, as it’s your mind, that varies from person to person. We all handle these events very differently, some move on with no worries, other’s supress their true feelings and emotions, to protect now, to minimize the pain, but then in the future that pain comes back, the more you suppress the more it hurts in the future.

                             While we supress our true feelings and emotions, we tend to point the finger or blame other’s and not except the responsibility, we lose trust in all that is around us and feel we are alone on our journey in life. Life is no picnic, no matter who you are in life, our minds can and will control us if we let it, but to let it is the easy way out, when we are in control of our minds, (it takes very hard work everyday of our lives), we then can control our destiny.

                              While we are watching our Sports Teams and showing our true feelings and emotions, just sit back and look inside yourself, see if those are true feelings and emotions, or are they just a way in which you portray yourself, to keep safe from any events, whether in the past or in the future. When we stay true to ourselves and work hard at it, not take the easy way out, the good will come as well as the trust in all around you.

The True Meaning of Love

                             The true meaning of this word called Love, is more then just a word, it is a very powerful feeling within each and every one of us. In today’s world we throw this word around like it is a piece of candy, when we like something we say we love it, when we friend someone on the social media sites, we say we love you, we have become to use this word in a way that, we are supressing our true feelings and replacing them with fake feelings, in which helps protect us from any harm, that may come our way. When we suppress our true feelings, we are only delaying our problems, to a later time, of which when they do surface they become much bigger then they really need to be.

                            When we look back at the turmoil this world was in before Jesus Christ was sent to us from our father God, proves that his Love for us the most greatest thing in the history of Mankind, it also shows how love is more then a word, it is the most powerful feeling within us, all we have to do is release it, have faith in it, believe in it, not supress it where we bring out this fake feeling of it, in the word only.

                             We all go through events in our lives, some events are bigger then other’s, as we encounter these events we put up these forcefields around us, surpress our true feelings and then hide in plain site, we create these fake feelings that we try to protect ourselves from future events. When we do this we are shutting ourselves from the rest of the world, not only losing site of our true feelings, but also losing site of another big word, that is TRUST of ourselves and other’s around us. When we lose this, we then are only exsisting on this planet and not living as God wanted us to.

                              Love is a very powerful feeling within each of us, that not only helps ourselves live in true happiness, but also helps those around us, to live in peace and true happiness as well. When God sent his only son to us, he did this out of true love for all of us, to help us change our ways for us to see the true meaning of this word, to also show us of how good the true feeling of the word makes us feel. so all the evil will go away.

                             Then as Jesus sacrificed himself for the good of all Mankind, he did this to show us all, how powerful the true meaning and the feeling of the word Love. Jesus truely Loved us deeply, as he and God will always forgive us, no matter what.

                               We in this Society have lost site of this feeling, no matter what the event, that has created us to suppress these true feelings, we need to remmember that there are people around us and God himself, will always be there to forgive us, give us strength, to help us on our journey of digging down deep and unleashing our true feelings and emotions, so we can once again feel the true feeling and the true power of the word Love. As we do this, we do this with faith, as we also unleash the word trust back into our lives, so we can be free and happy with ourselves and other’s around us. When we do this, it will show God we did get his message and he then will take care of all the evil around us and the world.

As we live our lives on this Planet called Earth

                               As each of us walk this Earth, live our own lives, we tend to forget that there are other’s around us doing the same. We tend to think we are the only ones with problems or issues, or even worse we don’t ackowlege our short comings. We tend to blame other’s or point the finger elsewhere, to diflect the reality of life away from us. There are yet other’s that have no feelings of guilt, as they hurt other’s around them, in order to live their own lives and just skate through with no worries.

                              The power of our feelings and emotions, that are inside all of us, affect us all in many ways, it’s when we are true to ourselves that this power reveals itself to us, keeps us focused and strong as we live our lives. When we don’t acknowledge these feelings and emotions, we open ourselves up to alot of crap in our lives, which we then surpress them away in order to temporarilly fix them, but it is only temporary and the problems keep coming back, then we try to play the blame game, to diflect them to other’s, which only ends up hurting us further, we need to trust our true feelings and emotions, face our life problems head on, even though it may be hard to be truely honest with ourselves, but the long haul is true happiness as we live our lives.

                             As we walk the streets of life, we need to keep our true feelings and emotions close, remember that everybody has their own problems, we all deal with them differently, never push your problems onto someone else, accept them, face them, by being true and honest with yourself, develop a network around you of trust, that will support you and you of them, when we all do this we will see not just our lives change, but the lives of all that walk the streets of this Earth change and more hapiness will be shared by all.

                              Life is what you make it, if you surpress your true feelings and emotions and are not honest with yourself, then it is very hard to trust and be honest with all those around you, this is a recipe of failure which makes life very difficult everyday of our lives. We don’t have to live like this, all we need to do every waking day is, be willing to put the work in, be true to our real feelings and emotions, be completly honest with ourselves and God will be there with our change. This change will be much happiness, the rest of your days on this planet called Earth.

Life is a constent struggle

                              Each and every one of us, are born into this World, by two loving Individuals, that nourish, love and protect us as we grow up and enter Society, then they still show their love, by supporting us in all that we do. As we grow up and are guided on the right path, we all experience events that shape us into who we are, some may only encounter 1 or 2 events, other’s may encounter many events, these events could be a variety of issues, with some being minor and other’s being major. It is these events that if we let them, they will control us in many ways, they can rob us of all our good qualities and replace them with negative qualities, which causes us to become something that we are not. When we get robbed of our good qualities, we find it hard to show our true feeling and emotions, we then grow into Society living a fake Identity, with no real feelings or emotions. We then go through life hiding in plain sight, with trust issues that we supress deep inside us. Some of us through life discover this fake identity, then spend time to make it right, this takes time and energy on our part, but it is time and energy well spent, for us to live in true happiness, other’s though may never find out or are to lazy to put the time and energy in, which they go on through life hiding in plain sight. Life is a constent struggle for all of us Human Beings that walk this planet, with constant change, many events that are tossed in our paths, dealing with many issues whether personal or business related, that it is very easy to get off track and lose sight, but if we stay focused, stay true to our real feelings and emotions without surpressing them, we don’t have to hide in plain sight anymore and be who we really are and live our lives in happiness everyday we are here on this planet.