What’s in the word “Racism”.

                                   This is a 6-letter word, that does nothing but stir the pot of Hatred. This is also a word, that when linked with all the Poliical Correction, is destoying everything that the 1st Amendment was written for. With all the Political Correction in our Society today, we are truely afraid to express ourselves anymore, for fear of Offending someone and then being called a Racist. The 1st Amendment was written for “Freedom of Speech”, it was a way for all of us in the Country to express ourselves freely, without worry of being attacked. This is what this Country was based on, when it was written. It is also what made this Country great and the most powerful of all Nations. The very way in which we are going right now in this Society, we are destroying everything our fore-Fathers worked very hard, in order to make this Country great, we are also destroying the integrity of this Country from the inside out. Racism is just a word, that creates hate, there is no such thing as this word, we are all human beings, on this God created Earth. When God created Man, he did so with equality, even though he gave us, our own minds, everything else is the same. It is us with our own minds, that have created these such words, that bring hatred to this Society. You want to change this Society for the better, we all as Human Beings, have to look in the mirror and say why? How can I be a better person, in order to help Society be better? The answer is inside each of us, we all have a “Higher Power” inside us, the time is now, to put it to use, so we all can walk this great planet, with a smile and a hello to one another.

The Beauty of the Sea

                               The great wide open sea so blue,

                                so pristine as you look onto the horizon,

                                the whales jumping with ease and grace,

                                you feel so free in the big open space,

                                 the ocean is full of the unknown,

                                 as you explore and take in all its vision,

                           the ocean is big and beautiful as we enjoy it’s view.

The age of Technology

                               When America first started out, the way in which we communicated was word of mouth, you only new of what was going on within your community, what you were doing on the east coast, was not known on the west coast. To have mail delivered, was a long task, as an Individual would ride horseback cross country, which took a long time, just to send a Telegram. Back then people actually chatted face to face, which brings out the respect, honesty and trust in each person within that community. When a fellow Individual of your community needed help, it was nothing for each member to come and offer assistance, whatever the problem was. That kind of closeness or bond we shared back then, built a Society of togetherness, which was the foundation, that America was built. Hard work, Determination, Grit and a common Bond, was what made America, into the strongest and best Country on the Planet. With the Age of Technology, brought a whole new lifestyle, now with just a tweet, you can send a message, that as soon as you hit send, goes all over this planet, within seconds, but what people forget is, you can’t take that comment back, it’s out there forever. Instead of going cross country on horseback, we know can drive ourselves anywhere, in much shorter time, We go on the Internet and chat with other’s from anywhere on the planet, then you have the big Corporations, that pretty much control everything and while the shareholder’s and Ceo’s, are making big money and living their plush lifestyles, the everyday worker, is struggling to survive and make ends meet. Technology has changed us forever, but instead of having it to help us and aid us, we are letting it destroy us, from inside out. It is robbing us of the personable face to face interactions, as we sit in a room by ourselves, forgetting how to be a people person, as in this Society of a service industry, where Customer service is key, have you been to a Dunkin Donut’s lately? The Customer service is lousy at best and full of rudeness. Instead of letting the Technology destroy us from within at our core, let’s change this and have Technology work with us, just like back in the glory days of America, it’s us in this Society, that can bring back the hard work, determination and grit, that made this Country great and not let Technology make us lazy and weak. When we work hard, trust in each other, respect one another and truely be honest with each other, alot of the problems in this Society will go away.

Life’s Journey

As we grow, life is full of surprises,
when we are children life is teaching us,
as we mature life shapes us,
we are molded by our experiences,
the Journey has many paths to follow,
the Journey for each of us has many compromises.

The Journey for some is that of long,
The Journey for other’s is that of short,
We never know what our Journey’s hold,
So we embrace and enjoy what it entails,
we make the most of our Journey,
we try to take all the right paths,
but in the end, we all sing the same song.

Our Journey can be very smooth,
our Journey can also be very bumpy,
it’s our choices of path’s that determine,
some path’s have many cross roads,
which deter us, some longer then other’s,
there is no wrong path in the Journey,
just wrong choices in which we make,
in the end let our choices be soothe.

Political Correction

                           This is a term, that has devistated our Society. It has taken the 1st Amendment and destroyed it’s true credibility. I get the fact, we don’t want to step on another man’s shoe shine, or just simply not to harm another person. In this Society, we have gone way to far with this term, it’s to the point we are afraid to just be ourselves, for fear of “Offending” someone. In the Schools, the children can’t even, just be children anymore, as we take away everything that expands their horizons and creativity, just because some feel left behind, or “offended”. In Sports you have a “winner” and you have a “loser”, Instead of stopping a lopsided game, you teach the children, how to win graciously, as well as lose graciously, it’s not about one team being better, it’s about one team, learning and teaching on the fly, in order to compete with that better team. these are lessons, which we take with us into society, to make us and all around us better. It is not about stopping or diciplining ones that achieve better or quicker, so other’s can try to keep up, it is about the Individual wanting to keep up to everybody around him and not being left behind. Each one of us, have our own set of values and goals within us, some may take a little longer to figure them out which is fine, but let’s not lose sight of, it takes all kinds to create a strong Society, you will always have leaders and followers. To be Political Correct is one thing, but to dis-respect what the true meaning of the 1st Amendment really stands for is another. True Honesty in our Society, breeds constructive criticism, which is the foundation of our Society. Constructive Criticism is what helps us grow stronger, it is not anything about offending anyone. Let’s use our Common Sense here which says, Political Correction is hurting our Society and let’s get back to respecting what the real meaning of the 1st Amendment stands for.

Life’s Journey

We are all on the “Journey of Life”. We start out as a baby, with no worries or cares, we are so delicate and soft, so pure and so innocent. We are guided by our Parents, as grow into this life, They teach us everything and piont us in the direction of the “paths of life”. The Journey is the big picture, as the Paths are what shows us the way along the Journey. Along the way in the Journey, we sometimes take the longer path, that winds around mountains, gets bumpy, with obstacles, there is no path that is the wrong path, it is the choices we all make, that determines, how that path takes us to our Journey. Some may have shorter Journy’s then others, but none the less, all of our Journy’s help all Mankind, from past Journey’s, to future Journey’s. The Journey of Life, is always evolving, as when some, come to the end of their Journey, their are others just starting their Journy’s. This is the cycle of life, to which we Journey for.

Dreams and Goals

We all have them, but yet only few achieve their goals. Somewhere when the Dream ends, we lose sight, or don’t remember our dreams long enough to write them down? We procrastinate to the point of, we loss sight and put our dreams out of mind. The ones that get to achieve their goals, stay driven and motivated, as they set smaller goals in order to get to the bigger goal. Then after that goal is reached, they already had another dream in which, they set new goals to achieve. So to interpret our dreams into a goal, is how we train our minds, to file them, for later use as to not let them linger, only to take action.

Compassion not Condemnation

We in this Society, do not show enough compassion for one another anymore. It’s a time in which we stay to ourselves, we don’t take the time to know our neighbor’s anymore, unlike when I grew up, the entire neighborhood knew everybody, the neighbor’s watched each others children, like they were their own, no matter where you were in the neighborhood, your Mom and Dad always knew where you were. In today’s Society, your children could be down the street, but it would be like they were in the next State. We the people of today, would rather Condemnation, of each other. We don’t take the time to know our neighbor’s, instead we judge our neighbor’s unfairly, as to try to protect us and our families. We even judge before we know of them, this is a huge fault on all of us and because of this, there is no more trust in this Society anymore. Now to change this for the better of all of us, we need to show more Compassion towards one another, yes this will take some effort on our parts, but it is an effort, that will only benefit all of us on this planet, bring back the much needed trust in each of us, so we all can be happy in our own lives as well as all Mankind, all over this planet.

The Demon of Negativity

We live in a Society of Negativity, we all have this Demon inside of us that when, people do wrong, we do not want to see any good in them at all. We as Human beings are not perfect, we do things that others take out of context, to use against us, as to hide the fact that they to do things, that are viewed out of context. This is all part of the “Demon of Negativity”, that is inside of us all. We get so consumed with this, that it is hard for us to see any good in each other. This is reality and is a sad part of reality, that we need to change and work harder to destroy this Demon, so we can bring out the good qualities, in which we all have inside us also. This “Demon of Negativity” is a huge part of why we are against each other in this world, have hatred and disrespect of each other, until we get rid of this Demon, bring out all our good qualities, to see the good in each of us, this planet will never change. The reason we don’t do this is, it is too much work to see the good, it’s alot easier to talk negative and shut out each other. The time is now, to put the work in, unleash all our good qualities, not just for our own good, but for the good of all Mankind.

The Media Influence

The Media has a lot of good, but it also has a lot of bad to it as well. When the Media is used to help keep us informed, that is when it becomes an asset to us, like preparing us for future weather situations, that keeps us safe. Keeping us informed, in the workings of our Government, to keep them honest with us. Anything dealing with public safety, is also good part of Media. Now, much like how Government has grown, which is hurting the people of this country, Media to has grown, which you have programs that do nothing but create so much drama, that it is causing a good part of people to become panicked and worry all the time, in a way that nobody can just simply live their lives anymore. We have become addicted to the Media, in a way that we let it control us. You watch CNN or Fox news for example and alot of their shows are just chit-chat, some are good, but most are just about making ratings, which leads to more money, for the shareholder’s of the stations. While they get rich and live their comfortable lifestyle, the majority of us, just struggle to get by and can’t afford a simple vacation. Then you have TV shows like TMZ, that does nothing but create drama, make fun of others, just to make light of their own problems, like they are perfect people, bottom line, they to make the money, cause we watch it, which leads to ratings and more money in their pocket. `You see the trend here? We the people need to take back control of this Country, from the Media and Corporate Companies. Without us they are nothing, it’s time they see that, so we can make this Society great again.