Today’s Society of “all about me”

                            We live in a Society of “all about me”, We all want everything handed to us, as our work ethnic has disappeared, each Individual thinks that they are better then each other, We show no courtesy towards each other anymore, even our “common sense” has disappeared, then we all just sit there and complain, that everything is falling apart, instead of rising above the hatred and the shame, to actually doing some work, to change this current situation. Life will only give you back, what you put in. When you show “all about me” and don’t care of your neighbor, then life will throw you a lemon, for your bitterness. When you show life your hard work and teamwork, with all around you, then life will reward you with glory and praise, along with great success. With our Elected officials butting heads and not working together, life is given to us a Government that has no “leaders”, when there are no leader’s then we inherit one big mess. Let’s stop the bickering, throw away the lemon and the bitterness will go away, let’s all work as a team, as a team there is power in numbers and nothing will defeat us, which all we have to do is a little work, put down the “all about me”, add a little more compassion towards each other, make our decisions with common sense and knowing what they will do for all, instead of just “me”. God made this Planet for all of us to be happy, it is time we show him our happiness, instead of him being angry for our bitterness.

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