Building a solid Foundation

                             We are born onto this planet very fragile and weak, it’s our Parent’s who help build our Foundation, with their love, support and careing of their children. The Goal is to build a Foundation so strong, it survives the test of time. When I lived in Colorado, I had a 4×4 truck, of which I would take journey’s into the back country, to relax on my days off. Along the trails, deep into the mountains of the Rockies, I would come across buildings, that were from the first days of this country, building’s that our fore-father’s have built, not only were they still standing, but the foundation was as solid as day 1. They with limited resources, unlike today, knew how to build for longevity and not only that, had nothing to deter them from building such great foundations, unlike today where things are built to break, even with all our resources today at our disposal, things are made with cheap product, just to save a buck. This is the way of the Corporate Company, where the money saved from cheap labor and product, goes directly into the pockets of the Executives, or our Elected Officials, so the company can build even more, or even charge big money for the repair. Our for-father’s were strong Individual’s, not just in what they did, but how they raised their families, as they also built their children’s foundation, so they to can prosper, as they grew into Adulthood. A good Foundation is good for everything in Society, as this is how we thrive in life. Right now our Foundation, as well as Society’s foundation is cracked, we need not go back to that time, but just research that time in our history, so we can see where we went wrong, where the crack in the foundation is, then repair the foundation, better then it was. In today’s Society, we have the resources, to not just repair, but make our foundation better and stronger, for all in Society, when we do this, then Society will thrive once again. We owe this to not only ourselves, not only each other, but to the ones that haven’t even been born yet, so they to can thrive in a strong Society and have the chance themselves and their Parent’s, to build their Foundation, that will be strong enough to handle the test of time.

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