The Job Market of Today

                              In this day and age, it’s not about getting the best and brightest, so each company can compete, be better and stronger, in which to achieve great success. Now it is all about the bottom line, hiring people for cheaper money, so they can get to the next level of tax excemptions, with the economy the way it is, all the unemployed people out there, it is a very cut throat enviroment out there, definatly an employer market, so they get to pick and chose wisely, then you have to deal with those companies that have laid off, have seen that they can be productive with fewer employers, so when all is well, they elect not to hire anybody fresh or bring back more help. This leaves the unemployed to change their ways of looking for the next career, you try to word your resume with the right “keywords”, then re-word the resume, as to not sound so experienced, but yet still be competitive, with others out their looking. You never want to “dummy-down”, your resume to the point of cutting off your right arm, to save the left. There is no right answer, just right timing and hoping your timing is in the right place at the right time, You want to be confident in your abilities, without crossing the line of cockiness. In this day and age, the Job Market is a tough one, as all the employer’s that are hiring, seem to be doing so at a lower pay scale, just to have a warm body in there, so they can recieve that tax exemption, instead of looking for the best and brightest, so they can keep competing, have that edge over other companies and prosper in the long haul. The day of Individuality are gone, it’s all about the corporation and what can you do for my corporation. This breeds hatred and negativity, to the point of, we as Individuals can’t afford to just be ourselves. In this Society today, being true to yourself is hard as you just get left behind, if you become something your not, it may land a good career now, but in the long haul, will you truely be happy? In this Corporate world in which we live, is nothing but Fiction and non reality, also something of which, is the total opposite, of the foundation in which this Country was built.

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