Paying more, to recieve less

                            As a child, I can remember when gas at the pumps was $.75 a gallon. When my Dad would pull in to fill up, the attendant would come over, ask how much gas today, then as the nozzle was in the tank, he proceeded to check your oil, clean all your windows and headlights, then as the gas topped off, he would put nozzle away then come back to window and say how much it was, after you paid he would say, “have a nice day and safe travels”. Those days are gone, now we pay alot more for a gallon of gas, then recieve none of the perks, or even good customer service anymore. In today’s Society we pay alot more for everything, get back nothing for benefits and the Customer Service is rude at best, then they wonder why our Society has become so negative? This is what happens in a Society that has become a Corporate Enviroment, Where you have all the Executives sitting in a chair, doing nothing but collect a fat paycheck and only worrying about the bottom line. They hire less help and for cheap wages, while they give themselves big raises, our elected Officials are very much the same, as they only move things along, that will benefit themselves, things that will help the average Joe, they stall or waste their time on. This is the Society in which we live today, most of us when we go to the polls to vote, instead of voting change, we elect the same ones so the status quo, stays the same. Instead of just punching a hole in the ticket and voting just because, we need to vote better, by researching our vote and making it count. Right now in our Government, whether State or Federal, there is way too much wasteful spending, we have groups(many of them) that do nothing but recieve a Taxpayer check, then you have Elected Officials that on top of their pay, recieve big money under the table, just to vote for certain companies, regardless of the actions it entails, between all the coruption and the wasteful spending, those two areas can save the taxpayer big money, plus play a huge roll in reducing our deficits. The Federal Government can’t even pass a budget(been four years), since Obama took office, you think there is a failure to lead here? We need to start voting for more Leader’s, instead of people that tell us what we want to hear, then doing nothing of what they say. This Country was based on “WE THE PEOPLE”, it’s time we get this back, so America can be strong once again.

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