Handleing the bumps and obstacles without getting bruised

                               We all start out our lives pure and clean, as we grow and with our choices, we hit alot of bumps, go over alot of obstacles. Some of us get more banged up then others, but none of go through unscaved. Life is a long journey, which takes our Higher Power within us, to guide and help us along the way. God built this Earth with Mountains, for us to conquer and ocean’s for us to cross, as we take our path’s, it’s our faith in the Lord God, that guides us, as we ourselves conquer those mountains and cross those oceans. We are the ones that make the choices, put in the work, so we can get to the promise land. Our Higher Power and faith in God, will help us heal all the bruises. There is no path that is the wrong one, all path’s have the same mountains and oceans, it is how we managed them, keep the faith in our Higher Power and the Lord God, that determines our destiny.


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