Finding the Good in our Society

                             Regardless of what we hear through the media, there is still alot of good in our Society. We put to much stock into the Media, as we listen to it daily, as they cram negative information into our heads, just so they can make ridiculious amounts of money. Negative is what sells and what brews all the controversy and talk, by us who listen then bring it into Society, by chatting at the diner or coffee shop, just to make light of our own problems. As we chat we tend to make each situation bigger then it really is, that is Human Nature and is what makes our Society get so negative. The Media is good when it keeps us informed, but the Media is also a huge reason why our Society is the way it is. All the top Executives of the Media, get to pick and chose all their stories in which to share, then 99% of the time, they pick the ones that stir the pot of controversy and negativity, as these are the ones that put the most money in their pockets. Every so often, you will here a good, or touching story, just so they can show that they are Human. There are alot more good stories out there, throughout this entire Society, it’s just the Media’s fault for not showing them. We as Individuals have to use our common sense more, so we can weed out alot of what the Media tells us, instead of falling into their trap and sucking us in or brain-washing us, so we are always the follower and they are our leaders. We the Individual are what makes this Society grow and become stronger, without us they are nothing. We are the ones that listen, by listening and watching, we are driving their ratings, which puts the money in their pockets, so if we stop listening, then they have to change, then if they want to grow their ratings again, they have to give us what we want. It is us the Individual, that grow this Society, not the Media or the Corporate Companies, so if we want to hear more of the good within our Society, this is where we need to change from a negative Society, to a positive Society.

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