Being a Human Being

                                 A Human Being is the smartest and most sophisticated creature, to walk the face of this planet. When you look through the history of all Mankind, really look at what the Human has been through and how they have evolved, it will truely amaze you. We as Human’s started out with nothing as we walked this Earth, look at us now, with all the technology and transportation, we have really evolved into quite a Creature. With the vision God had, when he made this planet, it takes all kinds of living, breathing creatures, to make this planet truely functional. You have the tree’s and plant life, that are here to bring us the oxygen, then there are the wild animals, that are our source of food and energy, it goes on and on, everything you see around you, serves a purpose in God’s vision. The thing that could ruin this vision, is us as Human’s, even though we are the smartest, we are also the dumbest, when it comes to living with each other. Yes we have our own minds and think differently, We have this notion that we as Individuals are better then the other one, we tend to point out the faults of other’s, in order to make light of our own faults, our attitudes of one another have become very distant, just walking down the street, you find people in their own little world, that can’t even say hello to each other, walk down a big city like New York, you can count on one hand, how many people actually say hello, this is scary and why we as Human’s will end up destroying each other, then leaving only the other living creatures, which will end God’s vision of this awesome planet, in which he made for us. We all walk this planet with a purpose, it’s time we find that purpose once again, so all Mankind can walk together, in peace, harmony and happiness.

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