What’s in the word “Racism”.

                                   This is a 6-letter word, that does nothing but stir the pot of Hatred. This is also a word, that when linked with all the Poliical Correction, is destoying everything that the 1st Amendment was written for. With all the Political Correction in our Society today, we are truely afraid to express ourselves anymore, for fear of Offending someone and then being called a Racist. The 1st Amendment was written for “Freedom of Speech”, it was a way for all of us in the Country to express ourselves freely, without worry of being attacked. This is what this Country was based on, when it was written. It is also what made this Country great and the most powerful of all Nations. The very way in which we are going right now in this Society, we are destroying everything our fore-Fathers worked very hard, in order to make this Country great, we are also destroying the integrity of this Country from the inside out. Racism is just a word, that creates hate, there is no such thing as this word, we are all human beings, on this God created Earth. When God created Man, he did so with equality, even though he gave us, our own minds, everything else is the same. It is us with our own minds, that have created these such words, that bring hatred to this Society. You want to change this Society for the better, we all as Human Beings, have to look in the mirror and say why? How can I be a better person, in order to help Society be better? The answer is inside each of us, we all have a “Higher Power” inside us, the time is now, to put it to use, so we all can walk this great planet, with a smile and a hello to one another.

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