The age of Technology

                               When America first started out, the way in which we communicated was word of mouth, you only new of what was going on within your community, what you were doing on the east coast, was not known on the west coast. To have mail delivered, was a long task, as an Individual would ride horseback cross country, which took a long time, just to send a Telegram. Back then people actually chatted face to face, which brings out the respect, honesty and trust in each person within that community. When a fellow Individual of your community needed help, it was nothing for each member to come and offer assistance, whatever the problem was. That kind of closeness or bond we shared back then, built a Society of togetherness, which was the foundation, that America was built. Hard work, Determination, Grit and a common Bond, was what made America, into the strongest and best Country on the Planet. With the Age of Technology, brought a whole new lifestyle, now with just a tweet, you can send a message, that as soon as you hit send, goes all over this planet, within seconds, but what people forget is, you can’t take that comment back, it’s out there forever. Instead of going cross country on horseback, we know can drive ourselves anywhere, in much shorter time, We go on the Internet and chat with other’s from anywhere on the planet, then you have the big Corporations, that pretty much control everything and while the shareholder’s and Ceo’s, are making big money and living their plush lifestyles, the everyday worker, is struggling to survive and make ends meet. Technology has changed us forever, but instead of having it to help us and aid us, we are letting it destroy us, from inside out. It is robbing us of the personable face to face interactions, as we sit in a room by ourselves, forgetting how to be a people person, as in this Society of a service industry, where Customer service is key, have you been to a Dunkin Donut’s lately? The Customer service is lousy at best and full of rudeness. Instead of letting the Technology destroy us from within at our core, let’s change this and have Technology work with us, just like back in the glory days of America, it’s us in this Society, that can bring back the hard work, determination and grit, that made this Country great and not let Technology make us lazy and weak. When we work hard, trust in each other, respect one another and truely be honest with each other, alot of the problems in this Society will go away.

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