Life’s Journey

As we grow, life is full of surprises,
when we are children life is teaching us,
as we mature life shapes us,
we are molded by our experiences,
the Journey has many paths to follow,
the Journey for each of us has many compromises.

The Journey for some is that of long,
The Journey for other’s is that of short,
We never know what our Journey’s hold,
So we embrace and enjoy what it entails,
we make the most of our Journey,
we try to take all the right paths,
but in the end, we all sing the same song.

Our Journey can be very smooth,
our Journey can also be very bumpy,
it’s our choices of path’s that determine,
some path’s have many cross roads,
which deter us, some longer then other’s,
there is no wrong path in the Journey,
just wrong choices in which we make,
in the end let our choices be soothe.

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