Political Correction

                           This is a term, that has devistated our Society. It has taken the 1st Amendment and destroyed it’s true credibility. I get the fact, we don’t want to step on another man’s shoe shine, or just simply not to harm another person. In this Society, we have gone way to far with this term, it’s to the point we are afraid to just be ourselves, for fear of “Offending” someone. In the Schools, the children can’t even, just be children anymore, as we take away everything that expands their horizons and creativity, just because some feel left behind, or “offended”. In Sports you have a “winner” and you have a “loser”, Instead of stopping a lopsided game, you teach the children, how to win graciously, as well as lose graciously, it’s not about one team being better, it’s about one team, learning and teaching on the fly, in order to compete with that better team. these are lessons, which we take with us into society, to make us and all around us better. It is not about stopping or diciplining ones that achieve better or quicker, so other’s can try to keep up, it is about the Individual wanting to keep up to everybody around him and not being left behind. Each one of us, have our own set of values and goals within us, some may take a little longer to figure them out which is fine, but let’s not lose sight of, it takes all kinds to create a strong Society, you will always have leaders and followers. To be Political Correct is one thing, but to dis-respect what the true meaning of the 1st Amendment really stands for is another. True Honesty in our Society, breeds constructive criticism, which is the foundation of our Society. Constructive Criticism is what helps us grow stronger, it is not anything about offending anyone. Let’s use our Common Sense here which says, Political Correction is hurting our Society and let’s get back to respecting what the real meaning of the 1st Amendment stands for.

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