Life’s Journey

We are all on the “Journey of Life”. We start out as a baby, with no worries or cares, we are so delicate and soft, so pure and so innocent. We are guided by our Parents, as grow into this life, They teach us everything and piont us in the direction of the “paths of life”. The Journey is the big picture, as the Paths are what shows us the way along the Journey. Along the way in the Journey, we sometimes take the longer path, that winds around mountains, gets bumpy, with obstacles, there is no path that is the wrong path, it is the choices we all make, that determines, how that path takes us to our Journey. Some may have shorter Journy’s then others, but none the less, all of our Journy’s help all Mankind, from past Journey’s, to future Journey’s. The Journey of Life, is always evolving, as when some, come to the end of their Journey, their are others just starting their Journy’s. This is the cycle of life, to which we Journey for.

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