Compassion not Condemnation

We in this Society, do not show enough compassion for one another anymore. It’s a time in which we stay to ourselves, we don’t take the time to know our neighbor’s anymore, unlike when I grew up, the entire neighborhood knew everybody, the neighbor’s watched each others children, like they were their own, no matter where you were in the neighborhood, your Mom and Dad always knew where you were. In today’s Society, your children could be down the street, but it would be like they were in the next State. We the people of today, would rather Condemnation, of each other. We don’t take the time to know our neighbor’s, instead we judge our neighbor’s unfairly, as to try to protect us and our families. We even judge before we know of them, this is a huge fault on all of us and because of this, there is no more trust in this Society anymore. Now to change this for the better of all of us, we need to show more Compassion towards one another, yes this will take some effort on our parts, but it is an effort, that will only benefit all of us on this planet, bring back the much needed trust in each of us, so we all can be happy in our own lives as well as all Mankind, all over this planet.

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