The Demon of Negativity

We live in a Society of Negativity, we all have this Demon inside of us that when, people do wrong, we do not want to see any good in them at all. We as Human beings are not perfect, we do things that others take out of context, to use against us, as to hide the fact that they to do things, that are viewed out of context. This is all part of the “Demon of Negativity”, that is inside of us all. We get so consumed with this, that it is hard for us to see any good in each other. This is reality and is a sad part of reality, that we need to change and work harder to destroy this Demon, so we can bring out the good qualities, in which we all have inside us also. This “Demon of Negativity” is a huge part of why we are against each other in this world, have hatred and disrespect of each other, until we get rid of this Demon, bring out all our good qualities, to see the good in each of us, this planet will never change. The reason we don’t do this is, it is too much work to see the good, it’s alot easier to talk negative and shut out each other. The time is now, to put the work in, unleash all our good qualities, not just for our own good, but for the good of all Mankind.

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