The Media Influence

The Media has a lot of good, but it also has a lot of bad to it as well. When the Media is used to help keep us informed, that is when it becomes an asset to us, like preparing us for future weather situations, that keeps us safe. Keeping us informed, in the workings of our Government, to keep them honest with us. Anything dealing with public safety, is also good part of Media. Now, much like how Government has grown, which is hurting the people of this country, Media to has grown, which you have programs that do nothing but create so much drama, that it is causing a good part of people to become panicked and worry all the time, in a way that nobody can just simply live their lives anymore. We have become addicted to the Media, in a way that we let it control us. You watch CNN or Fox news for example and alot of their shows are just chit-chat, some are good, but most are just about making ratings, which leads to more money, for the shareholder’s of the stations. While they get rich and live their comfortable lifestyle, the majority of us, just struggle to get by and can’t afford a simple vacation. Then you have TV shows like TMZ, that does nothing but create drama, make fun of others, just to make light of their own problems, like they are perfect people, bottom line, they to make the money, cause we watch it, which leads to ratings and more money in their pocket. `You see the trend here? We the people need to take back control of this Country, from the Media and Corporate Companies. Without us they are nothing, it’s time they see that, so we can make this Society great again.

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