As we start our day

We all wake up each morning, of every day and start our daily routines. While we get up out of bed, some of us harder then others, just take a minute and realize, that your not the only one out there, waking and starting the day. There are millions all over this planet, doing the same thing, so what you may believe in this “all about me” society, you are not alone. You are also not alone with having problems and bad days. We in this Society, are a group of Individuals, that have come to dump on each other, instead of helping each other. We in this Society believe that ourselves are the only thing that matter and that I am smarter then everybody else. What we should be doing is, show more compassion and courtesy to each other, pool all our resources and talents, in order to make all our lives easier, which will make this entire planet a much happier place to live. This you against me attitude is not working, as you can see, all this is doing is creating more anger and more trouble for each of us. Then you have some Individuals, using alcohol and drugs as a crutch, to hide their problems, in reality all you are doing is suppressing them and making them bigger, plus putting others around you at risk, the best way to handle your problems is tackle them head on, so you can feel much better about yourself, without bringing harm to those around you. We all don’t want to admit our faults and problems, as we all just want believe we are perfect, the reality is, we all do have problems, we all do have faults, there is no such thing as the perfect human, until we all except this, this Society will never change. So instead of looking at others and bringing out there problems and faults, to make light of our own situations, let’s show more compassion and courtesy, towards our fellow man, let’s all work together and pool our strengths, in order to make this World a better place to live, for all of us.

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