Why Giving up is not an option

                            Every one of us in this Society, are driven by a Higher Power. We all go through life looking for our calling, some of us that find that calling, go on to be successful, at what ever that is, some of us still go on even though we never find that calling. What really is determined “being successful”? Is it being a doctor, a lawyer, or even the President of the United States? None of that applies, the real meaning of successful is doing whatever makes you happy, by living in this life comfortable, without causing harm to those around you. Our calling, comes from our “higher power”, that power will guide us to the right path, but it is our own responsibility, to execute and follow that path, regardless of what obstacles are in the way, during our journey the option of giving up, don’t exist. Only persistence and perseverance, are what exists and the only thing that matters in becoming comfortable and being truly successful. The road is long, the road is tough, the road is also very bumpy at times, but when we get to the smooth part of the road, it is very beautiful and exhilarating. Even when your journey becomes smooth, you will still approach a bump or two, but never give up, keep moving forward in really finding our true calling, that is supplied to us, by our “higher power”. 

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