The Wrath of Mother Nature

                        As we all wait for what Mother Nature will unleash on us, we sit in our comfort zone of our houses, watching the news channels on TV, I get the fact of them warning us of what’s to come, but all the media ramps this up, with so much drama, that some people out there actually stress way beyond what is healthy, for our Human bodies. I understand the fact that we need to be ready for anything, like losing power for days, the damage a storm of this magnitude can bring etc… What I don’t get are the people out there, that are fighting over a loaf of bread in the supermarket. Just because the media says go out and buy all your supplies now, to be ready for this storm, we can do so in a more civilized way, after all we are all Humans and supposed to be the smartest of all creatures on this planet, but sometimes we act very stupid and selfish. Mother Nature can be very easy or very intense at the same time, no matter what the season, throughout the beginning of Man, we either have seen this, or heard about it in the History books. We know that Mother Nature can unleash a fury that is very devastating, so we should be more relaxed when getting into that state of readiness, instead of getting so anxious, that we either get sick ourselves, or that we hurt one another. God put us on this planet to work together and make it better for ourselves and each other. When Mother Nature show’s her fury from time to time, this is God’s way of telling us, that he is not happy with what we are doing and wants us to change our ways. Let’s show him with our actions, that we can be more civilized, loving and careing towards each other, then when Mother Nature finishes her wrath, we can make this planet a better place for all. We have been through storms in the past, we will get through this one, when we act as a team and unite together, there is no force anywhere, that will defeat us, so be smart, be safe and be strong. 

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