We wait in Anticipation

                           We have all seen the weather forecast for the Northeast, those of us that are in the path of Mother nature’s fury, are in a state of Anticipation. We are scrambling to get to stores for supplies, extra shovels, filling the gas tanks in our vehicles, as well as for our snow blowers and generators. We take a sick day from work, or work from home, kids get let go from school early, we get comfortable in our safe zones, then we begin to think? did I forget anything? batteries for radios and flashlights etc… We are always thinking am “I” ready? when we should be thinking, okay I am ready, how about my neighbor’s, especially our older neighbor’s, that can’t easily get around, to gather needed supplies. Maybe I should go check and see if they are all set. I remember back in the blizzard of “78”, we all did that, is the big difference between our Society back then and our Society now. The other thing in which we tend to forget is, take this time of being in our safe zone, to not only sit and read a book, or watch TV(if you still have electricity) but to actually communicate with our families and re-connect. In this Society we don’t do enough of this and it shows, as we can see in our everyday lives. Just remember, “life is what you make it”, “you get out of life what you put into it”. Two quotes to ponder, as we sit in our safe zones, during the storm with plenty of time to ponder them, until Mother Nature, finishes her wrath, then the clean-up begins. Good luck and stay safe all. 

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