Anniversary of the Blizzard of “78”

                         35 years ago here in the North East, We literally got dumped on with huge amounts of snow, people died, major amounts of damage, people stranded in their cars on the highway, power knocked out for days, the entire Seacoast in shambles, this was literally the “Perfect Storm”. All the Meteorologists, were only calling for a few inches at the start, then when the two storms collided, Wham!!! Total devastation. The biggest storm of my lifetime to date, I was 13 years old then, so to me it was great fun with no school, digging tunnels around the neighborhood, walking out my 2nd story bedroom window, onto the snow drifts, me and a friend walking around the neighborhood, with shovels in hand, as people paid us to shovel them out, we only were getting $10.00, to split between us, but back then that was big money. The snow piles were so big, that it made all the buildings around look tiny, you had to be careful coming to an intersection, as you couldn’t see whats  around that corner, I remember my Dad had a little(and I mean little) Honda Civic, this was when they first came out, the car was totally buried and when I went into driveway to find it, I walked into it. This was a time when you knew your neighbors, you went on vacation and they would check your mail, watch your house etc… So as we all cleaned up after the storm, we would all help each other, check on the older residents in the neighborhood, making sure they were okay. How times change, people change, sometimes for the better, a lot of times for the worse, but this is a time we should look back to, learn from it, so we could make our future better and stronger for all. 

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