Petroleum Executives

                        These are Individuals, that live the best lifestyles, of all of us in this Society, all at our expense. No matter what happens in our Society, they raises the prices at the pumps, then they say the supplies are low? I am calling them out and saying it’s just a ploy by them, so they can buy another multi-million dollar home, or more toys. Then they also pay good money, to petroleum lobby Individual’s, that do nothing but bribe our Government leaders, so they will put in place policies, that will make them more money and screw us the normal tax payer. It is one big vicious circle, in which the middle class loses every time. The prices of Petroleum products sold, get regulated by a lot of different variables, what needs to happen is, form a six person committee, that is neutral to all parties, that also have the power, like the IRS, in which to set all Petroleum prices, regardless of what happens. Average price of gas is, $3.60 nationwide, the reality is, it should be at $1.80 a gallon. All these Petroleum Exec’s, stay out of site so we can’t see just how plush they live, there should be a mandate on all of these Exec’s, that they need to be public, each and every time, there is a change to the Petroleum industry. They need to be more accountable and more in touch with all of us, instead of just taking our money, so they can live in their multi million dollar homes, have all their toys to enjoy. While all of us struggling, to make ends meet and buy gas, so we can get back and forth to work, to pay our bills, have nothing left, so we continue our circle throughout our lives. These same Exec’s need to held accountable for everything that happens within the Petroleum industry. Before you take more of our money, for your comfy lifestyles, let’s meet you face to face, so you can see first hand, just who you are screwing. The bottom line, there needs to be more regulation in the Petroleum industry and not just people lining their pockets with our money, so they stay warm and we get left out in the cold. 

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