TV shows and their influence

                       In this Society, our TV’s are used by parent’s as a tool, for them to put their children in front of, so they can do other things, without being disturbed. Our TV’s in our household has become like a family member and a babysitter, to get their child’s attention distracted, so they will be silenced for a while. Instead of Parent’s actually teaching their children, they let TV programming do that for them. Now don’t get me wrong, there are alot of good programs out there, but their are alot of programs, that influence our children for the wrong reasons. A show like TMZ for instance, all they are a bunch of Paparazzi, that follow around well known Individuals and do nothing but make fun at them, ridicule them and talk crap about. You actually have people getting paid to poke fun at others, which sends a message to our children, that it’s ok to make fun of others, which is a form of bullying and we all know what that does? Then you have all the reality shows out there, which basically ridicules people in a public forum and gives one a false sense of hope. With all the talk of the 2nd Amendment lately, you still have Hollywood, creating TV show’s and movies, that are riddled with violence, guns and sex. I know they can make a good movie or TV show without these in them, they have done it in the past, just that they don’t want to cause there is no money it. You see the trend in which we are heading? This is a trend that breeds, a violent, distraught Society. Now the way we as a Society combat this is, you limit the amount of TV time for our children, the Parent’s need to communicate better with their children and teach them the difference between right and wrong, not leave it all to the teacher’s that teach them daily, now Teacher’s say they love teaching, but in reality a teacher deals with a lot of different children on a daily basis, then they cling to their favorite, children and the other ones get left alone, these are the ones that develop an imaginary friend and turn to the TV for their influence, Then when they develop these Deviant thoughts, all they have is their imaginary friend to turn to. In this Society, we all need to be smarter, act with more common sense and communicate with our children more As we bring a child into this world, it is how we teach that child and as that child enters into Society themselves, will determine whether they will have a negative or a positive impact. 

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