Technology and Change

Technology in this society has changed us greatly throughout the years. I can remember growing up, we had no cell phones, as a kid when our parents called us in for supper and we were not within the sound of their voice, we went without for that night. When you did something wrong, you were diciplined, as to not do that again. Video games, we had this thing called Intellivision, a far cry from the X-boxes of this society, with great graphics, if you spent to much time playing with the game, it was taken from you, for a week or two. So to say Technology has changed us, is an under statement, but Technology is supposed to change us for the better, as in today’s society, it has sent us backwards, which has taken our core values away like, trust, love, face to face communication, common human decency and simply our respect of one another. Technology is suppose to be a good change, that makes us stronger moving forward, but it has only weakened us, as we become dependent on it and forget how to interact with our fellow man, which has us turned against each other everywhere. Our children that grow into this society today, with all the technology at their fingertips, tend to think, that everything is given to them and they don’t have to work for anything, then as they enter into society themselves they are not ready for any kind of work, they have to do in order to survive. When you have a whole Generation of this, that spells Doom, to the world as we know it. Technology is good, don’t get me wrong, but when you have Technology change our Society, in the way that it has, without the proper teaching on how to adapt to it, to make it work as a benefit to society and ourselves, then the Technology can be used in a way that will destroy Mankind as we know it.

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