The real Spirit of Christmas

                            The Spirit of Christmas happens all year long, not just once a year. It happens when you least expect it to, as it warms your soul with good. Never give up hope, when life put’s up hurdles in your path, or throw’s you a curve ball, as you look down the road and see no light, all you have to do is believe. Then the Spirit of Christmas will work it’s magical powers. Sometimes one’s troubles are tough and difficult and takes some work to get around, then sometimes one’s troubles are just trivial and just takes a little nudge to maneuver around. When you stay hopeful and truely believe, that’s when the Spirit of Christmas, works it’s magic, for us to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Then as you pass through that light and get on the other side, you then see how bright your future is, as you look back at your troubles and what brought you to the light, then broke through to that brighter future, you then become stronger moving forward and yet never give up that hope, which made you believe in the Spirit of Christmas. 

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