Ground Hog Day

                             With all the technology, that is at the hands of all our Meteorologists, they still can’t predict Mother Nature with 100% accuracy, you think a Ground Hog is going to do it better? This is a day in which was set up, by Individuals with a blind sense of innovation. Whether he see’s his shadow or not, we will never be able to predict the weather of each season. Depending on where you live and the climate in which you live, that alone will determine all the seasons. If you live in the high country of Colorado, within the Rocky Mountains, you will still see it snow, even in the month of August, this I know for a fact, as I lived there and saw it. When it comes to predicting the weather of the seasons, we may understand the concept, but will never with pin point accuracy, predict the weather. Technology is good for making us aware, of the patterns of the jet streams and what is coming, but the jet streams, appear and disappear like magic from the clouds. To rely on an animal like a Ground Hog, to tell us the end or start of a season, is just simply relying on hope. Hope is good, don’t get me wrong, it’s what get’s us through the rough times, but in this case, we should just go with the flow and just learn to enjoy everything in our lives and see all the beauty in each of all the seasons, throughout all our lives in everything we do.  

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