My Sports Philosophy

                       I know we want to to win in everything we do, whether we play the sport, or we cheer for our favorite team, or Individual in their respected sport, I get that fact. What we all tend to forget is, you can’t win all the time, there has to be a winner, their has to be a loser in each game. The lesson we all have to remember is, you have to learn to lose respectivly, in order to win graciously. When both of these are not met, it is no longer a sport, it then becomes an ugly game in which, there is no more fun involved. In all sports you strive for perfection, in order to win that game. We all know we can’t be perfect, so we try to be better then the other team on that particular day, for whatever reason you have a let down and the other team plays better and you lose. It is how you lose and learn from it, that you grow and achieve success the next game. What it is not about is, all the trash talking and bad mouthing after a loss, you shake hands win, lose or draw, then be ready the next game to make up for it. Sports should be about the players and coaches. The fans, it’s a learning experience. the lessons include, Teamwork and how to excel together, by joining each Individual talents together, to become one stronger team, that together you dominate the other team. You also have a strategy built around your team, that enforces the plays, so each guy can follow, in a way to excel and contribute, for the good of the team. The other part of sports, that would not be missed is, the sports media Individuals. These are the people that call out certain players, just to have something to talk about on their shows. All this does is bring anger and rage, to the game, which is what we don’t want. Let the player’s play and the Coaches coach. They know how to do this, or they would not of made it to where they are. All the sports media is doing, is just creating drama and drama is no place for a game, just pure physical talent. Talent is what makes the game enjoyable to watch. From a serious Hockey fan, the best game that I have seen, in a long while was, game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals, against the Boston Bruins and the Tampa Bay Lightening, this game was a perfect game of no penalties, which was won in sudden death overtime, of a score of 1 to 0. This game was a great watch, it had great goaltending, great defense and great offense, of which all player’s showcased their skills every shift. The Bruins won this game, then went on to the Stanley cup Finals, to win the cup in 2011. When you want to see what sports is all about, how a game is supposed to be played, then see them shake hands after the game, win or lose, this is the game to not only watch, but a game to learn by. Sports is great for our society, when done in the right way, but not by listening to the sports media, which is just a bunch of chit-chat at best. 

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