Today’s Society of “all about me”

                            We live in a Society of “all about me”, We all want everything handed to us, as our work ethnic has disappeared, each Individual thinks that they are better then each other, We show no courtesy towards each other anymore, even our “common sense” has disappeared, then we all just sit there and complain, that everything is falling apart, instead of rising above the hatred and the shame, to actually doing some work, to change this current situation. Life will only give you back, what you put in. When you show “all about me” and don’t care of your neighbor, then life will throw you a lemon, for your bitterness. When you show life your hard work and teamwork, with all around you, then life will reward you with glory and praise, along with great success. With our Elected officials butting heads and not working together, life is given to us a Government that has no “leaders”, when there are no leader’s then we inherit one big mess. Let’s stop the bickering, throw away the lemon and the bitterness will go away, let’s all work as a team, as a team there is power in numbers and nothing will defeat us, which all we have to do is a little work, put down the “all about me”, add a little more compassion towards each other, make our decisions with common sense and knowing what they will do for all, instead of just “me”. God made this Planet for all of us to be happy, it is time we show him our happiness, instead of him being angry for our bitterness.

Gaze into the Deep Blue Sky

 The sky is high and so blue,

 the sky is so big,

the sky is so serene,

the sky lights the way when we dig,

the clouds seem like lifeless figurine,

the sky is always above us no matter the view.



In a storm the sky is so mean,

the lightening so bright with deadly force,

the thunder so loud as it makes us jump,

the thunder scares the animals like the horse,

the sky can change in an instant as we sit on the stump,

the sky can be so threatening when the clouds show no seem.

Building a solid Foundation

                             We are born onto this planet very fragile and weak, it’s our Parent’s who help build our Foundation, with their love, support and careing of their children. The Goal is to build a Foundation so strong, it survives the test of time. When I lived in Colorado, I had a 4×4 truck, of which I would take journey’s into the back country, to relax on my days off. Along the trails, deep into the mountains of the Rockies, I would come across buildings, that were from the first days of this country, building’s that our fore-father’s have built, not only were they still standing, but the foundation was as solid as day 1. They with limited resources, unlike today, knew how to build for longevity and not only that, had nothing to deter them from building such great foundations, unlike today where things are built to break, even with all our resources today at our disposal, things are made with cheap product, just to save a buck. This is the way of the Corporate Company, where the money saved from cheap labor and product, goes directly into the pockets of the Executives, or our Elected Officials, so the company can build even more, or even charge big money for the repair. Our for-father’s were strong Individual’s, not just in what they did, but how they raised their families, as they also built their children’s foundation, so they to can prosper, as they grew into Adulthood. A good Foundation is good for everything in Society, as this is how we thrive in life. Right now our Foundation, as well as Society’s foundation is cracked, we need not go back to that time, but just research that time in our history, so we can see where we went wrong, where the crack in the foundation is, then repair the foundation, better then it was. In today’s Society, we have the resources, to not just repair, but make our foundation better and stronger, for all in Society, when we do this, then Society will thrive once again. We owe this to not only ourselves, not only each other, but to the ones that haven’t even been born yet, so they to can thrive in a strong Society and have the chance themselves and their Parent’s, to build their Foundation, that will be strong enough to handle the test of time.

The Job Market of Today

                              In this day and age, it’s not about getting the best and brightest, so each company can compete, be better and stronger, in which to achieve great success. Now it is all about the bottom line, hiring people for cheaper money, so they can get to the next level of tax excemptions, with the economy the way it is, all the unemployed people out there, it is a very cut throat enviroment out there, definatly an employer market, so they get to pick and chose wisely, then you have to deal with those companies that have laid off, have seen that they can be productive with fewer employers, so when all is well, they elect not to hire anybody fresh or bring back more help. This leaves the unemployed to change their ways of looking for the next career, you try to word your resume with the right “keywords”, then re-word the resume, as to not sound so experienced, but yet still be competitive, with others out their looking. You never want to “dummy-down”, your resume to the point of cutting off your right arm, to save the left. There is no right answer, just right timing and hoping your timing is in the right place at the right time, You want to be confident in your abilities, without crossing the line of cockiness. In this day and age, the Job Market is a tough one, as all the employer’s that are hiring, seem to be doing so at a lower pay scale, just to have a warm body in there, so they can recieve that tax exemption, instead of looking for the best and brightest, so they can keep competing, have that edge over other companies and prosper in the long haul. The day of Individuality are gone, it’s all about the corporation and what can you do for my corporation. This breeds hatred and negativity, to the point of, we as Individuals can’t afford to just be ourselves. In this Society today, being true to yourself is hard as you just get left behind, if you become something your not, it may land a good career now, but in the long haul, will you truely be happy? In this Corporate world in which we live, is nothing but Fiction and non reality, also something of which, is the total opposite, of the foundation in which this Country was built.

Paying more, to recieve less

                            As a child, I can remember when gas at the pumps was $.75 a gallon. When my Dad would pull in to fill up, the attendant would come over, ask how much gas today, then as the nozzle was in the tank, he proceeded to check your oil, clean all your windows and headlights, then as the gas topped off, he would put nozzle away then come back to window and say how much it was, after you paid he would say, “have a nice day and safe travels”. Those days are gone, now we pay alot more for a gallon of gas, then recieve none of the perks, or even good customer service anymore. In today’s Society we pay alot more for everything, get back nothing for benefits and the Customer Service is rude at best, then they wonder why our Society has become so negative? This is what happens in a Society that has become a Corporate Enviroment, Where you have all the Executives sitting in a chair, doing nothing but collect a fat paycheck and only worrying about the bottom line. They hire less help and for cheap wages, while they give themselves big raises, our elected Officials are very much the same, as they only move things along, that will benefit themselves, things that will help the average Joe, they stall or waste their time on. This is the Society in which we live today, most of us when we go to the polls to vote, instead of voting change, we elect the same ones so the status quo, stays the same. Instead of just punching a hole in the ticket and voting just because, we need to vote better, by researching our vote and making it count. Right now in our Government, whether State or Federal, there is way too much wasteful spending, we have groups(many of them) that do nothing but recieve a Taxpayer check, then you have Elected Officials that on top of their pay, recieve big money under the table, just to vote for certain companies, regardless of the actions it entails, between all the coruption and the wasteful spending, those two areas can save the taxpayer big money, plus play a huge roll in reducing our deficits. The Federal Government can’t even pass a budget(been four years), since Obama took office, you think there is a failure to lead here? We need to start voting for more Leader’s, instead of people that tell us what we want to hear, then doing nothing of what they say. This Country was based on “WE THE PEOPLE”, it’s time we get this back, so America can be strong once again.

Handleing the bumps and obstacles without getting bruised

                               We all start out our lives pure and clean, as we grow and with our choices, we hit alot of bumps, go over alot of obstacles. Some of us get more banged up then others, but none of go through unscaved. Life is a long journey, which takes our Higher Power within us, to guide and help us along the way. God built this Earth with Mountains, for us to conquer and ocean’s for us to cross, as we take our path’s, it’s our faith in the Lord God, that guides us, as we ourselves conquer those mountains and cross those oceans. We are the ones that make the choices, put in the work, so we can get to the promise land. Our Higher Power and faith in God, will help us heal all the bruises. There is no path that is the wrong one, all path’s have the same mountains and oceans, it is how we managed them, keep the faith in our Higher Power and the Lord God, that determines our destiny.


The red white and blue shining bright with pride,

the red white and blue representing a Country,

a Country with Individuals within it’s boundary,

the red white and blue shows strength as we stand by it’s side.


A Country that is scorned together show’s strength together,

with each Individual it is a Country that stands as one,

we are free as Individuals as our freedom came with a price,

we are a Country of change as we are never done,

it took time to build with strength but over time this Country is forever.   

Finding the Good in our Society

                             Regardless of what we hear through the media, there is still alot of good in our Society. We put to much stock into the Media, as we listen to it daily, as they cram negative information into our heads, just so they can make ridiculious amounts of money. Negative is what sells and what brews all the controversy and talk, by us who listen then bring it into Society, by chatting at the diner or coffee shop, just to make light of our own problems. As we chat we tend to make each situation bigger then it really is, that is Human Nature and is what makes our Society get so negative. The Media is good when it keeps us informed, but the Media is also a huge reason why our Society is the way it is. All the top Executives of the Media, get to pick and chose all their stories in which to share, then 99% of the time, they pick the ones that stir the pot of controversy and negativity, as these are the ones that put the most money in their pockets. Every so often, you will here a good, or touching story, just so they can show that they are Human. There are alot more good stories out there, throughout this entire Society, it’s just the Media’s fault for not showing them. We as Individuals have to use our common sense more, so we can weed out alot of what the Media tells us, instead of falling into their trap and sucking us in or brain-washing us, so we are always the follower and they are our leaders. We the Individual are what makes this Society grow and become stronger, without us they are nothing. We are the ones that listen, by listening and watching, we are driving their ratings, which puts the money in their pockets, so if we stop listening, then they have to change, then if they want to grow their ratings again, they have to give us what we want. It is us the Individual, that grow this Society, not the Media or the Corporate Companies, so if we want to hear more of the good within our Society, this is where we need to change from a negative Society, to a positive Society.

The Beauty of a Rose

        The beauty and the smell of the flower called Rose,

        this same flower brings out happiness in everything,

        this same flower brings out the love in all beings,

        the power of the Rose also brings a great smell to the nose.    



                                The Rose will bring out the happines in all that it touches,

                                 The Rose is like a magic flower that heals,

                                 The Rose will make any situation smooth when you feel,

                                 The Roses magic will change anything in it’s clutches.  

Being a Human Being

                                 A Human Being is the smartest and most sophisticated creature, to walk the face of this planet. When you look through the history of all Mankind, really look at what the Human has been through and how they have evolved, it will truely amaze you. We as Human’s started out with nothing as we walked this Earth, look at us now, with all the technology and transportation, we have really evolved into quite a Creature. With the vision God had, when he made this planet, it takes all kinds of living, breathing creatures, to make this planet truely functional. You have the tree’s and plant life, that are here to bring us the oxygen, then there are the wild animals, that are our source of food and energy, it goes on and on, everything you see around you, serves a purpose in God’s vision. The thing that could ruin this vision, is us as Human’s, even though we are the smartest, we are also the dumbest, when it comes to living with each other. Yes we have our own minds and think differently, We have this notion that we as Individuals are better then the other one, we tend to point out the faults of other’s, in order to make light of our own faults, our attitudes of one another have become very distant, just walking down the street, you find people in their own little world, that can’t even say hello to each other, walk down a big city like New York, you can count on one hand, how many people actually say hello, this is scary and why we as Human’s will end up destroying each other, then leaving only the other living creatures, which will end God’s vision of this awesome planet, in which he made for us. We all walk this planet with a purpose, it’s time we find that purpose once again, so all Mankind can walk together, in peace, harmony and happiness.