It’s not my job mentality

This is the mentality of this Society we are in right now, “it’s not my job”. We live in an all about me society and this is the exact reason why this Society is failing right now. We all have the mentality that, if it don’t effect me, then I will just keep doing what I do, cause I am better then most. We think that my way is the best way, we stay closed minded and don’t look out to see that, this Society does not revolve around me, this Society in reality, revolves around each and every one of us and what we bring to it, in order to flourish for the long haul. It’s kind of like the game of Football, that which ever “TEAM”, has the best strategy and works together as a team, pools it’s talents, will win the game on that day. Then eventually with a few wins strung together, wins the Championship. This is the Mentality in which we in this Society, need to accept, in order to grow this Society as one, to flourish and become stronger. It’s not all about me, It’s about what I can bring, into society, to help all of us in this society, be better and stronger, moving forward in life.

The Cognitive Mind

We all have one, it varies differently in each of us. Even the smartest scientist will tell you, the Human Brain is the most difficult computer to understand, no matter how much they study it, they may understand it, but will never figure it out. The Brain is the most complex of all Organs. The Cognitive Mind, is a reflection of the Brain, but you will never figure out what each and every Human has on their mind. When we are first born, our minds start out with a clean slate, it’s how we are brought up, in which programs the mind. When we have a good up-bringing, the mind will program itself with good thoughts, when you brought up in a devient way, your mind will program itself in a devient way. To re-program the Cognitive Mind later in life, can be done, but will take a cognitive effort and alot of hard work on the Individual. With our up bringing, is how we program our Cognitive Minds, so we can bring good into society, so we all can live happily throughout our lives.

Competitivness in sports

We all have the competitive juices running through our blood, it is what drives us to be the very best at what we do. It don’t matter what sport you play, we all want to win, some of us do get more competitive then other’s, depending on that fire that burns inside us. While playing that sport and the fire keeps burning, thats keeps us on top and winning, is one thing. It’s when our sport’s career gets old and the fire dims, the passion disappears and our bodies get older, is when we retire from our sport, that gave us so much. Even when we are done from competing in our sport, the competitivness still burns within us, it’s what we do with that, that determines on how we live the rest of our lives. No matter on what we did as an athlete for success, the real success starts when we retire and take that fire that burns inside us, turn it into a positive, that can help ourselves and others in this society. When we all do the right thing, Society will grow stronger, with each Generation.

The Frustrating Job Market

Our Elected Officials, have everything to do with the current job market and the sluggish economy. When you have our elected officials, showing no signs of working together, or no signs of uniting as a team, in order to solve all our Fiscal problems, it then trickles down to our companies, whether big corporations or a small Mom and Pop business. This leaves a big void of the unknown, which leads to a company either hiring or not hiring. This makes us all frustrated, especially those of us out there looking, even the stores won’t hire, cause their sales are down, cause the ones that are working, are not spending money in this time of uncertanty. You also have to deal with companies that are not hiring, but run an ad, just as if they are, to see what is out there, that’s what makes it frustrating for those of us, that are looking, cause we then get caught up in their games. You also have the Employer’s, that ask you in for an interview, then never return a phone-call, with a simple yes or no, regardless of the amount of times you follow up with them.
So within this Society of uncertanty, we can still follow the simple human nature rule of, “Common Sense” and “Common Decency”. These two simple rules, are what shapes us into a strong Society and also what makes these United States, the best country on the planet.

Federal and State Goverments

All of our Elected officials, will do and say what we want to hear, in order to get elected into office. It’s us that need to see through their words, to disect them and see what they truely are? They (elected officials) when in office, lose sight of what got them there, like once they recieve their pay, recieve pensions, the benefits etc…. Then they get involved in the “backdoor” deals, that nobody see’s and put’s cash money into their pockets. They tend to forget who, or why put them into office and start thinking all about me, to vote on bill’s that are only good for them. It’s called the “Washington Power Game”, then instesd of the people that put them there, emailing or calling them daily, the people give up and start talking negitivly towards them, like they can hear them. The only way for our elected officials to hear us is, to pester them with emails and phone calls, keep them thinking of us who put them there. Our Goverment say’s, we will pass this bill, but those that make under $250,000, will not see a Tax Hike? well it’s done and all of us who are struggling are now paying 2% more in taxes? Then the State steps in and now has a plan, that will raise our taxes for the next 10 years? Now we the people get double whammied, so the Goverment’s will have more wastful spending, when will it end? If you and I spend like Goverment does, we would be broke and living on the street, so what do we do? We make budgets for ourselves and live within our means. What makes our Elected Officials any different? Under Harry Reid, there has never been a budget. hence more wasteful spending. It’s time we hold all these Officials accountable for their actions. If as a country can’t afford something, then we don’t spend the money, we don’t rely on the tax payer, when they are already taxed to the max and struggling to make ends meet now. You the Goverment then have to look inside yourself’s, to find a real solution. A solution which is right in front of you, cut spending. There are so many things within the Goverment, like programs, groups, 2nd term Inaugeration, etc…. that can be cut and save this country millions. If a CEO of a corporate company, can layoff thousands, in order to save money, then re-structure to move forward, stronger and better, then what makes our Leader’s any different. It’s time we American’s start holding our Elected Officials accountable, stop all the wasteful spending, cut back on groups and programs, down size office worker’s for these Officials and stop voting in raises for yourselves, until you are worthy enough to do the job. Right now, nobody in Goverment is worthy enough for a raise.

New England Patriots Football

Why have the New England Patriots been so successful for so long you ask?
Starts with the Owner Bob Kraft, who was for a long time a season ticket holder, had a passion for the game and had the funds available to purchase the team for the better. Building a new state of the art stadium, putting the right personnel around him, like a very good coach in Bill Bellichek, who shares the same passion and knowledge of the game. Bill’s knowledge of the game goes without saying, as his actions have proved that, it’s the actions behind the scenes with, his knowledge of free agency, the draft and knowing when a player is on the decline, plus, keeping the stars like Brady and Wilfork, then building a team around them, that compliments them perfectly. Who thought Brady, a 6th rounder, would of evolved into what he is today? The best in the game. This is where Belichek has succeeded beyond anybodies wildest dream. Yes they have spoiled us in this part of the country, as we all dread when those two retire, but it has been a great story for a long time. Brady and Belichek are the best coach/quarterback tandom in the history of the NFL and will be in the Hall of Fame, but for now, just sit back and enjoy the ride, as “in Bill we trust”. This organization under Bob Kraft, has become a model sports franchise, of all the sports, with son Jonathan, close by his Dad’s side at all times, is learning first hand on how to keep this excellence going. True we may see the end of the greatest era and reign of all sports, when Belichek and Brady finally hang it up, but we here in New England, are blessed to witness this first hand. To Bob Kraft, I want to say thank you, for the ride, you are truely the best Owner in sports.
Godspeed to the Patriots, as they pursue yet another SuperBowl victory.

What really is Change?

Change is something that we are afraid of, cause it affects our “comfortable ways”. Change happens in a wide variety of ways, whether drastic, or suttle. We all in some way are affected by change, in one way or another. from a baby, to adulthood and beyond, our own bodies go through a wide array of changes, we move, or change jobs, drive to the same job, then take a different route, that’s a change, as we wake up, we do our certain routines, then one day do something different, that’s a change. Change happens in many different ways, to each of us everyday, it is something not to be afraid of, as if done in the right way, change can be a very good thing for all of us. The biggest reason why change is feared, is cause it takes us away from our comfortable setting, into unc hartered waters, look at Christopher Columbus, if he was afraid of change, America may not have been discovered. Change is good, as we should embrace it, to find a different comfortable level, in which makes us better and stronger in the long run.

Over stepping our boundaries

In this current Society we all live, you have Goverment, groups, or even everyday people over-stepping their boundaries on a daily basis. First you have the Atheists, that no matter what, they go out of their way to invoke their right, to ban God from everything in our Society, they forget that those same rights that they have, we also have the same rights to follow our beliefs. Then you have Goverment, whether State or Federal, banning trans-fats or even a large glass of soda, they say we have an over weight problem? what about those of us who don’t? those of us who know how stop something that is bad for us, you can’t step in because of a small percentage that have no willpower. There are other more important things for our Goverment to focus on. Now because of a few Emotionally Distraught Individuals, you have our President looking to change the 2nd Amendment, that will affect even those of us that own guns, that do it the right way and follow the law to a T. What they should be focusing on is, Mental Health for these Individuals and getting rid of the red tape for these facilities, making it easier to get them help, before the next tradgedy. Those of us that do the right thing like, attain a license to carry, take the proper firearm saftey courses, keep the trigger locks on all the time and in a locked approved gun cabinet, instead of punishing them, should be left alone. The real problem lies within the “Illegal” sale of weapons, this is where the focus should be sent. Everybodies perception of all the “Bill of Rights”, will always be different, cause it’s Human Nature and what we are. What we need to remmember is, these Rights pertain to all of us equally, when one say’s your infringing on my right’s, we should then say, “okay I respect your right, but then you should also respect mine”. When it comes to Over-stepping our boundaries, Goverment should be about bringing our Society together and be stronger, not divideing our Society and making it weaker. Those of who believe in God and go to church, should not have to worry about offending someone. If those of us want to drink a large soda anywhere, we should be free to do so. The bottom line is, let’s work together as a Society, instead of butting our heads and over stepping our boundaries.

What team sports bring to our Society

A Team that plays together, is a Team that wins together. Even when there are some losses thrown in, that team still wins together. Everything the sports media throws at us about certain players in their sport, its not just that guy that wins the game, it’s a combonation of all his teammates, that contribute to their win. A good owner and coach of a team, will go out and find one or two guys, that become the stars of the team, then they find others that compliment those stars, by their demeanor and what they can offer the team. The New England Patriots are perfect examples of this, Bob Kraft and Bill Belichek, have become to the league, great role models of what it takes to be successful for a long time. They have their leaders like Brady, Wilfork, Mayo, then they went out to get guys that compliment them with skill as well as passion. The 2004 Red Sox, were not the most talented team, but the way they came back on the Yankees, showed great compliment of teamwork. When you have that compliment of teamwork and will to win, that usally out weighs talent most of the time. With all this said, the lesson we bring into Society from team sports is, no matter what you bring to Society, when you work together and combine your talents, the sky is the limit.

TV shows and the media

Over the past 20 years, the media and TV shows have influenced our society greatly. In some ways they have had a negative influence, for instance the violence and sex on our TV’s, have become so overwhelming, that they send the wrong message to our children, the Media has become all about drama to keep the ratings high so they can make money, which has made our society all about drama. When you create drama and turn it to violence, you teach our children from a young age, that it’s ok to take what you see and harm others. This is where the Parenting of the children comes into play, if the Parentsteach the children to view these items with an open mind, which that this only happens on TV, then the child will be more social towards others and won’t look to harm other’s like they see on TV. Our Society is screwed up right now, but all the Parents can change this, by communicating with there children more, getting back to Sunday Family dinners, like it used to be and not leaving the child alone to watch the TV and let these thoughts ponder in their heads. Communication is a huge part of our Society and it’s a part that we have ventured away from, if we as a Society get back to this, you will see that Society will change for the better.