Corporate America–vs–Real America

                       The start of the United States of America, was that it was supposed to be a free country, unlike that of old Russia, where you couldn’t go outside without asking permission  of the Government first. This is why the Declaration of Independence was written, so we could travel from state to state freely, as we wish. This is a Country built on Immigration, as our fore father’s came here from other countries, for a better way of life. Immigration is what built this Country into what it is today, it’s the “Illegal” Immigrants who are ruining the integrity of America and our core values. We all want a better life for ourselves and our children’s lives, that’s Human nature, we just need to do it in the right way, in which we all can enjoy this great Nation called, the United States of America. You also have the Corporate companies, who are all about greed and don’t care about who’s lives they ruin to achieve this greed. With this greed comes, digging into all our personal lives, in which to control us, so they become more powerful. With all the Social Media platforms out there like Facebook and Twitter, it makes it very easy for Corporate companies to get all this information on us, as we on a daily basis share our photo’s, play the Facebook games and like everything we see on these platforms. When you like certain things, you give all the Corporate companies valuable information for their databases, that they can either use against us, or use to sell us things, that they say we need. This is the Corporate way, so they in turn can get all the power, by making all the money, then buying all our elected officials, so Government will be in their corner and work against us the people. Government is suppose to be, “for the people, by the people”, this is the only way this Country will be free, like it was when the Declaration of Independence was written, back in the day of our fore fathers, when this country was free, this was the greatest Country on this planet. There is no reason why, we can not get back to this, not just for the future of America, but for the future of ourselves and our children. 

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