The Job Market

                               Today’s job market, is one of huge frustration. With so many people out there that have been laid off in the past, it is one of great competition. The job market is definately an Employer market, which allows them to be very picky. I get the fact you need experience, in your desired proffession, but when you have that experience, it will be used against you, as employers will not even give you a courtesy call, with a simple yes or no, instead they just assume that you won’t take a step back pay wise, in order to move forward with a more stable company and advance. Each in every company expect all of us jobseekers, to bend over backwards for them, in order to work in their company, but they won’t give the same common courtesy to each of us applying for their positions. No matter how many follow up’s you do, you never receive any kind of a response. This is the frustrating part of today’s job market. The other frustrating part is, alot of companies, advertise jobs on the job websites, then when you show up to apply, they say their not hiring? Companies also post on job sites, with a generic posting and don’t even give an address, or a company name, just an e-mail address to send a resume. I get the fact of companies not wanting to many job seekers to show up, but they won’t even give you a response of a simple yes or no, so the seeker knows one way or another. The problem in this society is, just like in the companies, there is no more common courtesy any more. everything is online and no more personalized face to face meetings anymore, which makes this society very disconnected and out of touch. If you want this society to grow, be stronger and be financially stable, this is where change needs to happen. 

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