Changes coming to Football

                        The Executive’s of the NFL, are looking to make some changes, that will make football less violent, to stop all the concussions in the game. You have a player, named Pollard, who plays for the Baltimore Ravens, that came out and said, “football won’t be around in 30 years”, if they change the game. This is the same guy that needs to look in the mirror, as against one team, the Patriots has put Brady with a torn miniscus, for a whole season, then took out Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski and Steven Ridley. Who know’s how many other player’s he has taken out or injured? Now if you want to change the game, with less risk of injury towards the player’s, I give you two ideas that will will make an immediate impact on the game. 1) Take out all player’s like Pollard, who are intent on playing the game to hurt other’s, to get that competitive edge on their opponents. 2) Set up a committee, that will go to each team in the NFL, of which they will show all player’s and coaching staff, the fundamentals of a clean hit. not launching themselves and leading with the head, but get in the 3-point stance, hit with the shoulder to the solo-plex, when this hit is done right, it won’t injure an Individual, but it will knock them off their feet, no matter how big the other Individual is. This way of hitting, will give you momentum and get at the QB for a sack. There is no need to change the way the game is played with new rules, if you follow these two simple steps. Kind of like a corporate company that puts in safety regulations, that help protect it’s employees. Football is a great game, as it’s all about strategy and teamwork, just two simple steps and Football will continue to be the great sport in which it is. 

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