The Bickering and Hatred of this World

                                In this Society of which we live, no matter where you go, there is so much hatred of one another, you walk into a diner or a coffee shop, to simply enjoy your morning coffee, or breakfast and all you hear is people bickering and complaining about anything and everything. The fact is, we are our own worst enemy, we think that our way is the best way, you drive down the roads and we think that we have the right of way regardless of the rules and signs, we all want to be first and get ahead of each other. In this world in which we live, it is only as strong as it’s current occupants. When you have all of us at each other with hatred, you will find that, this society in which we live will be troubled, as is present day. When we show more love and compassion towards each other and work together like a team, the strength of this World is endless. God did not create this planet in which we live, for us to hate and bicker between us, it’s time we show him, that we are worthy of this great planet of which we live. Think of all of us as one team, in the sports of life. You think the 2004 Boston Red Sox would of ended their 86 year drought of a Championship, if they didn’t pull together as a team and play as one? The answer is no. They were not the most talented team, but they won, cause they pooled their strengths, came together as one, now the rest is history. The same can be said of all of us on this planet, when we show more love, compassion and respect of one another, not only will we all be more happier in our lives, but God will also be happy and send us more sunshine, instead of bringing us rain, floods, national disasters and tradgedies. The time is now, it’s easier then you may think, it just starts with each and every one of us on this planet, in which we live.   

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