An Addiction is something learned, we all have in our minds addictive qualities, what makes an addiction wrong, is an event we have learned, as we grow up into society, that we let control our behavior. The most common addictions would be, Alcohol, Drugs and Sex. There are alot of other types of addictions like, being anal retentive, cigarettes, caffeine etc… To be in control of your Addictive qualities, we all have our own life-cycle that we develop from a young age, to our golden age, it’s this life cycle, that drives us to become what we are in society. What ever events happen to us from a young age, is what brings out our addictive qualities in our lives and as these qualities come out of us, we have to be able to recognize, the signs of our life-cycle, in which lead us to the deviant part of our life-cycles, so we can learn to control them and not them control us. There are a lot of negatives in this society, that can turn to positives, only when we recognize the signs of our life-cycles, learn to control our addictive qualities and not them control us. This is what makes up all of us as Human Beings, this is something we all deal with everyday of our lives. Some of us do the job and slide through life, some of us get lazy and make life harder then it has to be. Each of us in this society are in control of our destinies, so when we stay in control of our life-cycle, then we will all over come anything put in our way, no matter what degree of difficulties we encounter, it’s us that drive ourselves. 

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