Opening a Restaurant in today’s World

First and four-most, when opening any business, you have to expect to be married to that business, for a long while, work very long hours, in order to get established. You can’t expect to jump right in and make a fortune right away, you may not even receive a paycheck, for a year or more. When it comes to restaurants, there is alot to opening one, even before you pass papers or build the building. You need to research the town or city, in which you desire to be in, things like, what is the history of the town, what kind of people live in the town etc… You need to cater to locals first and fore-most, they are the one’s that will frequent your establishment, hence regular customer, as this will keep your bills paid. People that come from outside the town, will only come from time to time, if they had a good experience and they can be a good way of word of mouth advertising, which is the best kind of advertising. You need to create a menu, that cater’s to all Individuals, whether they like meat, or vegetarian eaters, just because you are a great cook at home for your family, it’s another thing to do it for other people, as a business, it’s a whole different animal, to please other people, on a daily basis everyday. With that said, you have to be able to accept criticism of others, on a daily basis. The food service business is the hardest business out there, some that do start out, don’t make it past 6-months, cause it’s a different beast then they expected, you need to be able to accept defeat as well as success. Food service business, can also be one of the most rewarding, when you survive the first 6-months, now into your first year, started developing a good following and everybody is saying great things of your establishment, the feeling inside is one that, well… you can’t really describe it unless you experience it, it is an awesome feeling. Food service industry is one of greatness, or one of failure, but if your willing to work hard, with alot of dedication and do the research required to have a successful establishment, it is one of the best industries to be involved in.

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