The Democrats Agenda

Being of someone who is an Independent, I tend to research each and every candidate, before I make my vote count. My research tells me, in this society of Republicans and Democrats, you have Individuals that have good charisma and are good at saying what you want to hear. A Republican doesn’t like to raise taxes, but will get rid of all entitlements, like social security etc… A Democrat likes to tax us greatly and squeeze a quarter out of a penny to do it. They are the master of doing this, but won’t say the word “TAX”, but will create words that sound good to us, like the word “investment”, but in a Democrats eye’s, they are really saying taxes. The other thing a Democrat does well, is spend way beyond their means. They will spend way beyond their budgets, and then when they can’t make their budgets no more, they raise our taxes, to make it work, and all the while they keep right on spending. This happens in both federal and state Governments. The way to fix the Fiscal Crisis we are in is, cut spending across the board, but this will never happen, cause each of our elected officials have their own Agenda’s, in which they want to hang on to, whether Republican or Democrat. So we the People, have to be smarter. How do we be smarter? During election time, we not only listen to all the candidates, we research their whole Agenda, we not only look into their eyes, we look through them and question them with questions that are very hard to answer, to basically put them on the spot, to see how they act in tough situations, then determine which candidate is best suited for the job. Unless we the people, test them before they get there, they will continue, to do what they do best like, get rid of entitlements, tax us, and spend us way beyond our means. Just remember if you make $50,000 a year, then you pay all your bills, take care of family and you only have left about  $10,000 in the bank, are you going to go out and buy a $200,000 vehicle? This is what our elected officials do to us every day and is what the Democratic Party is all about. This is what needs to change, if we want these Fiscal problems to go away. The time is now, for all the American people to stand up and vote in a smarter way, to stop wasteful spending, have elected officials that own up to their responsibilities and   work hard for the good of America and the American People.

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