Service Oriented Society

In today’s Society in which we live, we are in a service industry society. You hire a carpenter to remodel a room, he is giving you a service, you go to the local coffee shop to get your morning coffee, they are supplying you a service, or even when you bring your car to a shop, they are providing a service to you. With all these services that are out there, Customer service is a big part of that service. How many times have you gone into a coffee shop and got nothing but an attitude? how often do you go to the store, ask a question and the response is negative with an attitude? You would think in this Service Society, these companies would spend more time, training their employee’s in the art of Customer service. Even during the hiring process, being upfront with the Individual’s that, when dealing with a Customer, no matter how that Customer is, it’s the most important part of their job. Anybody dealing with people has the most difficult job of all jobs, because people differ from person to person. Someone could be having a bad day, come into your establishment and take it out on you, that’s when you have to step up to the plate, smile and give them good service no matter what, which may even change that person from unruly to very pleasant. Plus, like the old cliche goes, when one walks out unhappy, they tell ten and so on. It is very important to give good customer service at all costs, when you enter work for the day, check your attitude and emotions at the door, now your on job time. Companies need to more smarter, when training Individuals in the art of Customer Service, being more aware of what’s going on inside their workplace, cause in this Service Society, bad customer service, could hurt your business greatly. Not to mention, could turn this Society from one of negativity, to one of positive, which would be better for all of us.

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