Hurdles and Road Blocks

In ones life, there are many hurdles and road blocks in which we deal with, everyday of our lives. Some being minor, then some being major, it’s how we deal with them, that defines how we live our lives. Kind of like the “Train ride of life”. The Train starts out it’s journey, with all intact, motoring along, no worries and stress free. Then suddenly it starts to get turbulent and bumpy, the train derails off the tracks. Some of us, pick up the pieces and get right back on the train, still others will procrastinate, as the hurdles and road block gets bigger, some will give up, while other’s try to overcome the big hurdle, may take longer, cause we let the hurdle get bigger then it has to be, but over the long haul, with alot of hard work, we get back on that “Train Ride of Life”. No matter who you are, the quick fixer, or the procrastinator, or even the one who gave up, Life’s journey is a long one, full of hurdles and road blocks, it’s how you attack those hurdles, that will define you in life, then enjoy your “train ride”, into the future.

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